If epic, true love romances make you nauseous, you might want to skip this post. As most of you know, the Karpov Kinrade name is actually two authors–the husband/wife team of Dmytry KARPOV and Kimberly KINRADE. (See what we did there?)

Yesterday we posted 10 Very Good Things you might not know about us in our Minion Army, and it was such a hit with our readers we thought we’d share it here! (By the way, if you’re not part of our Minion Army, you should really come join us. You get exclusive access to us, early peeks at book covers, chances to beta new work before it’s released ((like the upcoming Prince of Darkness starring your favorite naughty demon!)) and monthly giveaways!)

So, here you go, readers. 10 Very Good Things about the Karpov Kinrade writing team. K&Dslider1. We are happily married and MADLY in love. MADLY. PASSIONATELY. ENTIRELY. (If you saw us working in our living room, and how we are with each other, you’d tell us to get a room!)

2. We have three little girls who are totally and insanely awesome, and they have a 6 book children’s series based on their magical adventures called The Three Lost Kids.

3. While we are both introverts, Kimberly is moderately introverted and can pass as an extrovert when needed. Dmytry, on the other hand, is 100% introvert. We’re not even sure how that’s possible. But it is. (Disclaimer: Dmytry is not shy, just introverted. Think strong, silent type.)

4. Our dear friend and publicist, Anne Chaconas, always imagines Dmytry with a stern Russian accent. Kimberly finds this highly amusing. (He IS, however, a 6’5″ Russian with a name that sounds like a badass assassin, so her perceptions are entirely justifiable.)

5. Dmytry has the sexy mussed hair look that Hollywood stars spend a lot of time and money trying to emulate. He has it naturally.

6. We often dye our hair the same color to match. Because we’re nauseatingly cute that way.

7. We met online and moved in together the night we met in person for the first time. We have been together nearly every moment of our lives since then. This is literally true. We work together EVERY DAY ALL DAY, so there have been very few times we have been apart, and we are still MADLY IN LOVE and happy.

8. We’re almost as naughty as our characters in our books (and sometimes even naughtier!)

9. We love writing, but also have big plans for screenwriting and directing someday!

10. We are living the life of our dreams and couldn’t be happier. It really is a blessed life to do what you love for a living, with the person you love most in the universe, while raising three amazing children who will undoubtedly take over the world someday. 

So there you have it, 10 very good things. Did we miss anything? What else would you want to know about us as a couple, our family, or us individually? Maybe we’ll make a thing of this, eh?

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