Today I’m so excited to introduce the very dear and awesome, Erin Lindsey of Hooks and Books review blog. I love this lady, and no, not just because she says I made a fan-girl out of her with my books! (But that totally didn’t hurt our relationship any.)

Hi guys, I’m Erin, the writer behind a new book review blog, Hooks and Book ( Kimberly has graciously let me stop over here to talk a little bit about being a fan-girl, which when it comes to her work, I certainly am.

I learned how to read when I was four, and no one believed me. I was constantly asking people to read me stories, so my family just thought I memorized the words. Until they bought me new books and I could still figure it out. You see, this desire to drink up books like they’re water was sparked in me from day one. Thank god for the Kindle, because constantly lugging around a library probably would have caused a need for back surgery at an early age.

Since those early days, I have considered myself a reader extraordinaire, but not so much a fan girl. I was constantly scouring book store and library shelves for stories with really strong characters. From Anne of Green Gables to romance novels, I wanted to read it all, but I was not in love with any particular author. I fell for Harry Potter, but did not really consider myself a paranormal-lover.

ENTER THE WORKS OF MS. KINRADE and everything I thought I knew about loving books just changed. I fell in love with her gripping book Bits of You & Pieces of Me. From that moment on, I was determined to soak up as much Kinrade as humanly possible.

Though, I will admit that I was a bit skeptical before picking up Forbidden Mind. I mean, I’m 29, what was I going to get out of a YA paranormal thriller/romance? What I got was a gripping story, filled with kids that stole my heart and a deep wish that Forbidden Fire was immediately available. Luckily, for you guys, it is!

Kimberly’s style swept me up from the very beginning. My past endeavors into the paranormal world caused me to feel a bit lost, trying to figure out a world that did not make sense. Or, I found myself wanting to love the story, but becoming trapped up in a goofy, overly sappy writing style.

With Forbidden Mind, all of those reservations just blew right out the window. Sam, Drake, Luke and Lucy stole my heart. Here were real kids dealing with typical high-school problems combined with the added pressures of super-powers AND a school administration that might be trying to kill them. Talk about pressure.

I was immediately sucked in so deep, I could not stop reading. I found myself staying up late, cuddling with my Kindle. I could not put it down. The same was true for Forbidden Fire. It was extraordinary. I believed in this world, I believed in these kids. There was adventure, romance and plenty of superpowers. Not only did I adore the story, I wanted to stand beside them and fight with them.

Kinrade changed everything I thought about paranormal stories and kids with super powers. If most of those stories are cheesy, predictable or overplayed, than Kinrade’s work is power, beautifully crafted and suspenseful. Her Forbidden series epitomizes everything a paranormal story should be. Her books should be the models for up and coming paranormal authors everywhere.

And for me, go ahead call me a fan girl. I will wear that label with pride. You will find me first in line for every Kinrade release from now on.

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