As some of you know, my daughter Lexie and I are both allergic to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, malts and more. It hides in sauces as a thickening agent and cloaks itself in soups and dressings. It’s hard to avoid and takes a lot of planning to eat well without it.

Lexie was very sad when we first found out she couldn’t eat bread and pasta and pancakes and so many other things anymore. (So was I!) I’ve since found substitutes, but it’s hard. When there’s a surprise birthday party at school with cupcakes, she’s stuck with her fruit snack back up. When we go out to eat, she has very few options, and almost none on the kids menu.

When I wrote Lexie World, the first of The Three Lost Kids Trilogy, I made sure it was a world without gluten, so Lexie could eat there. Each of these books are based on my kids and the worlds they found, so Lexie was very excited to see her world with gluten-free food.

Lexie isn’t the only kid out there with this condition. It’s estimated that Celiac disease affects 1 every 133 people, and intolerance and allergies even more. To raise awareness of this disease, there is a charity giveaway happening, and Lexie World is a part of it. Go check it out on the Krazy Book Lady’s blog. She’s one stop on a whole blog tour devoted to giving books away for charity!

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