Today my parents celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. The story of how they met had always captured my imagination, and the love they have shared over the last 33 years has inspired me to keep believing in love even when love let me down in the past.

They are the reason I write about happily ever afters, and the reason I’m now living my own with my soul mate.

To honor their marriage (and as an additional gift to my mother, who celebrated her birthday today as well), I’ve written their story, part fiction, part fact, and I’m giving it away for FREE for 5 days starting Sunday, February 17th, 2013.

Only Forever is a short story inspired by my parents romance. (This one is a no-sex romance, because ew! I can’t write about my parents having sex!!) Here’s the official product description:

One Girl + One Boy + One Pair of Bellbottoms = True Love

Her life fell apart after her ex-husband came out of the closet and admitted to being gay, leaving her to raise two young children alone.

His life was stagnant, engaged to a woman he didn’t love as he wondered what tomorrow would bring.

When fate intervenes to show them their destiny, the biggest surprise is fate’s chosen catalyst: A pair of bellbottoms.

Inspired by a true love story, Only Forever will have even the coldest skeptic believing in happily ever afters.


This short story is a contemporary romance inspired by the true story of how the author’s parents met and fell in love. There is no explicit sexual content in this story. It is suitable for anyone who still believes in love and happily ever afters, or anyone who would like to believe again.
According to my parents, 80% of the facts in this story are true, and 100% of the emotions are true. I really only care about the emotions. That’s the point of fiction, isn’t it? To tell the truth about the human experience.
A few parts that are true:

The honey and flour, though it was actually vaseline and baby powder. (Curious yet?)

The pants, and actually I’d forgotten a part of the story that actually made it even more amazing and unbelievable.

The friend’s nickname. (You’ll understand when you read the story.) And no, I have no idea where that name came from, neither does my dad.

The lemon yellow Triumph Spitfire. My dad was actually THAT cool once? Epic.

The love. That’s all true.

I hope you enjoy this story of true love. Real love. Lasting love. I’m a product of this love, and I couldn’t be happier as I live my own happily ever after and write those happily ever afters for my characters.

As an EXTRA bonus, my new adult paranormal romance, Seduced by Innocence, is FREE until Monday to celebrate the launch of the sequel, Seduced by Pain. (Since these books do not feature my parents, they do have sex–though my mom has threatened to read them, so that might be almost as bad.) Oh, and check out the cover for Seduced by Power. Pretty, huh? It will be out in March, so hurry and get caught up!

So, go forth and grab two romance titles for FREE! I’d love to hear what you think, so please leave a review if you have a chance! Thanks! Here’s to your happily ever after!

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