Me as a bad-ass. Don't I look like I could take someone down?

My birthday is next month and I’m using it as a wake-up call. It turns out, spending 14 hours a day sitting behind a computer writing doesn’t actually lead to a toned, trim me. Go figure.

So now, here I am, about to turn 30*cough*something and about to marry a gorgeous younger man–my sexy Russian Prince, Dmytry Karpov. We have three little girls who look to me as their role model and I’m more out of shape than I have ever been in my life.

It’s depressing. I used to be a kick-ass martial artist and mountain biker, did you know that? I could ride the entire day up and down killer mountains, and still have energy to roller blade and kayak after. I could spend hours in martial arts lessons, working so hard the skin on my toes peeled off, and still I would prevail. I was hard-core.

Now I’m what? Flab-core? lol We just bought new bikes and I realized quickly that I’m not the woman I was. Twenty minutes around the neighborhood (we’re talking flat roads, people, not straight up hill mountains) nearly killed me. So, yeah, it’s time for something to change.

So what’s the best way to get in shape when you work from home and are addicted to work? Given the flexibility of my schedule, you’d think it would be easy for me to prepare fresh, healthy food daily and squeeze in some exercise.

Right? Wrong.

The thing is, in the six hours a day that my kids are gone, I have about 10-12 hours of work to get done. I work full-time as a novelist, I’m the Marketing Director for Evolved Publishing and a Sr. Project Manager for Novel Publicity. I also have three kids who need my time and attention when they get home. Plus, if I’m being honest, I actually don’t look cooking and, given how out of shape I am, working out isn’t so fun either.

But you know the definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I can’t keep ignoring my body, feeding it junk and sitting on my bum all day and expect to live a long, healthy life with my family.

So, I looked around, talked to some people and tried to figure out the best way to start. I needed a whole body-mind approach. Something that would be effective, results-oriented, but without sacrificing healthy for skinny. A diet that could be life-long and allow for the many food allergies I have. A work out that would work up to where I want to be without killing me at where I am.

And I think I found it.

As seen on the website

It’s called The P.I.N.K. Method and it’s designed specifically for women (sorry guys) who want to lose weight, get in shape and get their sexy back!

Yes, please! :)

It’s an approach that doesn’t leave anything out: Nutrition, exercise, the body-mind connection–it’s all addressed. I just got my kit yesterday and read through the book in one sitting. I will be shopping this weekend to set up my life for this change.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired–not to mention out of shape.

And I know I’m not the only one out there. I have a lot of writer friends who are struggling with the same issues. Ours isn’t a career that lends itself to toned bodies and an active lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reshape our lives to get a new shape for our bodies.

Even if you’re not a writer, if you’re on my blog, chances are you’re a reader–and that’s not exactly a high-calorie burning activity either. Let’s face it, most of us need help with some area of our health, if not all areas, like me.

So why not do this together? The kit is only$67.99 and it comes with everything you need to change your life. Check it out here>> The PINK Method

Plus, it includes an online support system that I’m excited to participate in. Now, don’t worry, I’m not going to use my blog to start selling work out stuff. And I don’t get ANY kickbacks or commissions if you decide to use this product. I’m sharing because I am actually certified as a nutritionist, raw vegan chef and personal trainer. I’m also a Reiki Master and certified hynotherapist.

For many years I’ve been looking for the answers to take care of my body, and I really think PINK is it! I’ve never been more impressed with a diet and exercise routine before. It has different levels you work through, changes in food and exercise to keep your metabolism on its toes, and it’s all backed by science without eliminating any major (healthy) food groups. (It even allows for chocolate, in the form of raw cocao powder… )

Even if you don’t want to use this program, I’d love for you to join me in committing to being more healthy. Together, let’s clean up our diet, get out bodies moving and improve our health.

Who’s with me?