This week I’ll be launching the first book in a new series called Seduced by Innocence. Like The Forbidden Trilogy, Seduced is a paranormal story with romance, mystery and intrigue. However, where The Forbidden Trilogy is Young Adult (albeit upper YA), this new series is New Adult Romance for 17+ because of the sexual content. It’s much heavier on the romance than any of my previous books.

I’m excited to dive into the world of romance, and I even have a few more paranormal and contemporary romance series for the New Adult genre planned for this year.

It may seem odd to some that I publish children’s books, Young Adult, and now New Adult and romance, and I thought about taking a pen name for my sexier work, but it just didn’t make sense.

First, my YA work has a lot of romance in it and I have a lot of adult fans who are very excited to read my steamier stuff. I don’t want them to have to jump through hoops trying to figure out which books are published under which names.

Also, creating a new identity would mean starting over with everything–social media, marketing, branding, thus taking more time away from my writing. I’m in the process of training new marketers at Daring Books Design & Marketing so I can focus MORE on writing, not less! I’m currently not taking new clients and devoting myself as exclusively as I can to getting more books out for you. I don’t want to have to start over with all that.

Also, where do I draw the line for which books to publish under my real name and which books to publish under my pen name? I have 6 lower grade books out, 4 young adult titles out that are for mature YA, and now 5 new adult titles coming out that actually take place in the same world as Forbidden, though you won’t realize that in the first book. Then I’ll have a historical fantasy romance, Sunrise & Nightfall, which won’t be heavy in the sex, but it feeds the Fallen Trilogy, which might have more adult content and is also part of the Forbidden world. Then I’ll have The Reluctant Familiar series, which is YA fit for younger and older teens as well as adults.

Some of my work is more focused on romance, while other books have some romance but are more focused around the paranormal/fantasy aspect. Then I’ll have contemporary romances as well. I wouldn’t know where to cut myself in half.

It’s my hope that those of you who aren’t a fan of sex in books will be okay just skipping those books and moving on to my other work, and those who like more heat will enjoy the variety. Each book/series will be clearly marked for content and age-appropirateness, so there will be no way to confuse one of my children’s book with an adult romance.

I figure most of my fans are adults, either buying for themselves or buying for their kids. Now they have more options. Mommy can read Seduced while her 6-year-old enjoys my latest Three Lost Kids book, The Three Lost Kids & Cupid’s Capture (which also just launched last week!), and her teen aged daughter can read The Forbidden Trilogy. This way everyone gets something fun to read this Valentine’s Day.

This genre hopping isn’t unprecedented. Neil Gaiman has written books for children and then turned around and written adult books with graphic content. James Patterson has a mix of children, YA and adult books with a mix of paranormal and contemporary. And with the cross over of romance in YA and New Adult, finding those dividing lines is even harder. I recently read an article about the rise in New Adult fiction and how Big 6 publishers are looking at publishing two versions of books, one for the YA crowd without sexually explicit content, and one for the New Adult crowd with those scenes.

So, I’ve made the choice to trust that my readers and fans will read the product description before purchasing one of my books so you know what you’ll be getting, be it a children’s book, YA, New Adult, Epic Fantasy, Romance (with and without sexual content) or more.

To that end, I have a new short story I’d like to share with you. It’s most definitely erotic, far more than even my romance novels are. Take a peek and if it’s your cup of tea, give it a go! I’d love to hear what you think.

To see all of my work, here’s my Amazon Author Page. Enjoy!

SAPPHIRE EYES (An Erotic Short Story)

99cents on Amazon Kindle, or free for premium members. Buy it here.

We are pulled to each other like magnets. Or moths to a flame perhaps? Let’s hope the burn doesn’t scorch too badly. Can you handle the heat?

Time and space disappear and we are alone. The where is irrelevant. Only the who is of any consequence. You and I. For now. Until such a time that there is no you and I to speak of. Bodies merged into one.

And then we dance.

Escape into this erotic short story by award-winning, bestselling author, Kimberly Kinrade and get lost in the seduction that can happen between heartbeats.

Adult sexual content. Graphic sex.

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Seduced by Innocence (New Adult Paranormal Romance)
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Also released this week: My latest Three Lost Kids book

The Three Lost Kids & Cupid’s Capture

Just $2.99 on Amazon, great for kids 4-10 years old, parents love it too! Get it here.

Lexie is very unhappy this Valentine’s Day. She can’t get anything right, and her hearts all look horrible. In fact, everyone at school seems to be in an extra grumpy mood.

When she and her sisters consult her magic Mirror of Ice to find out what’s going on, they are transported to Heartland, the home of Cupid herself, which is under attack by a scary monster.

When Cupid is captured, the girls must navigate the Maze of Misdirection, pull themselves out of Apathy, and survive against attacking Cruel Crawlies in order to find the Chasm of Broken Hearts… and save Cupid.

But first, Lexie has to learn to love herself just as she is, otherwise Valentine’s Day will forever be filled with broken hearts.