We’re celebrating the whole Forbidden Trilogy this week and, today, we have an excerpt from Book 2: Forbidden Fire!

Forbidden Fire-newFrom Forbidden Fire: Sam

I couldn’t breathe. My heart sank to my feet and waited for death to extinguish its last few remaining beats.

Drake stood there with a gorgeous Victoria Secret model-type wrapped around him like one of those little monkeys on the Discovery Channel.

A chemical reaction in my brain wiped out any thought or reason, and before I could stop myself, I knocked the woman to the ground using mind control. Her perfect yoga ass hit the sand, and her face contorted into a comical mask of shock and disbelief.

Drake looked… proud? Ugh. Not the reaction I wanted from him.

He reached out for my hand. “Sam, it’s not what it looks like. She showed up and… it just… nothing happened. Nothing was going to happen. I swear to you.” ‘Read my mind. You’ll know I’m telling the truth.’

I did. Not everything I learned helped the situation—like the fact that he’d slept with this tramp before he met me. But I also felt his revulsion. He couldn’t stand her touch or her presence, and wanted nothing to do with her.

That made two of us.

And yes, he was proud of me for using mind control on her. I squished the little demon of contention that threatened to make a bad situation worse. This wasn’t the time or place for Drake and me to debate the moral ambiguities of our powers.

Not taking the hint, the woman stood up, brushed herself off and inserted her fake double-D’s between me and my man. Was she stupid? I can destroy your mind if I choose to.

Drake barely controlled a laugh when he caught my thoughts.

I scowled at him. He was so not off the hook for this.

Drake brushed the woman aside and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “Kylie, this is my girlfriend, Sam.”

Kylie’s face dropped, but then she looked down at my belly. A smirk crept onto her pretty, silicone-injected lips. “Ah, I see. Trap by baby. That explains it.” She poked her finger into my shoulder. “You think this little bundle of joy will hold Drake down? It won’t. You can’t give him what I can, in or out of the bed. It’s only a matter of time before he comes crawling back to me.”

My face went hot from rage. I pried open her mind without any of my usual subtlety and ripped into her thoughts like a college kid tearing into a bag of potato chips.

She squeezed her eyes shut as if in pain. I didn’t care.

‘Why is he with this shapeless loser when he could have me? He didn’t find out about me and Brad, did he? Is that why he stopped coming around?’

“He didn’t need to know you screwed his best friend to drop you. You never meant anything to him.”

Kylie’s eyes got so big I thought her eyeballs would pop out. Drake looked from her to me and back to her. “You and Brad? Seriously?”

“How could she know? Nobody knew. How?”

Drake’s face turned to stone, but he kept his arm around me while he addressed her. “Just leave, Kylie. Leave me alone. I don’t ever want to see you again.”

I couldn’t tell if Drake had coerced her using mind control, or if she’d left because of the tone of his voice, but at least she was gone.

I slumped in Drake’s arms and fought the tears welling up in my eyes. “I’m a horrible person.”

What kind of hypocrite am I? I can’t get over Drake using his powers against me to save my life, but I’m apparently more than willing to use mine against his old girlfriend. I basically mind-raped her, and for what? Because she had her hands on my boyfriend? Because she looks better in a swimsuit than I do?

I hung my head in shame as my tears threatened to betray me.

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