Vampire Girl Book Cover No Number High ContrastIn case you missed the emails, Facebook posts, live Facebook events, Instagram feedsTwitter tweets and YouTube trailer, THIS IS LAUNCH WEEK for our new book/series Vampire Girl! To say we are excited about this new series would be a HUGE understatement.

And we’ve been celebrating hard. With SO MANY GIVEAWAYS I can’t even with all of them. Seriously, I’m losing track. So this blog post will serve as the catch-all for everything #KKGiveaway.

But first, let’s talk about this book a little, okay? The response to Vampire Girl has been more amazing than we could have hoped. Each day it’s climbing the charts on Amazon, B&N and iBooks. Each day it garners more five star reviews (over 100 right now on Amazon!) Each day we get messages, emails and comments begging for book 2 and singing the praises of book 1. Seriously, we are USA TODAY bestselling authors who have been doing this full time for a few years now and never have we had this kind of response to a book or series.

And some of the reviewers are surprised by how much they enjoyed it. Based on the title, or on comparisons they’d seen to Twilight, they worried it wouldn’t be their cup of tea. And they were wrong. Check out what some of them have said:


OMG AMAZING….ITS WAY BETTER THAN TWILIGHT OR OUTLANDER! When is the next book coming out?!?!!? I absolutely loved this book. So much of everything and I so was not expecting the end. I have cried, laughed,and raged at this book. ~5 stars, PrincessP

Do not judge it by the title! Honestly I wasn’t sure if I would like this book because of the title. I’ve read other books by this author and the premise seemed interesting so I gave it a shot. I do not regret that decision. I had a lot of fun reading this book and cheering Arianna on. I was engaged and left wanting more. Give this book a chance. It may just surprise you. ~5 stars, Kami

When I read the title of the book I didn’t have any idea of what I was getting into, I was just hoping that it wasn’t just another Vampire book! I should have known better because it was KK that wrote the book and they did not disappoint me. I absolutely loved this book. ~5 stars, Amazon reviewer

Ah-maz-ing!!!!!! I loved this book! Normally I’m not a huge fan of vampire stories because they all start to feel the same. This was a completely different take on the legends we all know and it is wonderful! Well written, well thought out and completely hooks you from the beginning! Do yourself a favor and read it! You won’t be disappointed! ~5 stars, Amazon reviewer

It offers an amazing, original take on vampires, but more importantly it offers an addictive storyline full of intrigue and mystery. ~5 stars, Stephanie Farrant (BookwormBlogger)

Far from your generic YA fantasy romance story! Unlike your typical female heroine that sobs for pages while mindlessly ranting about her feelings and trying to find her own identity, Ari is grounded and knows who she is. She remains brave without being overzealous; emotional but not melodramatic; and a survivor, not a victim. ~5 stars, Dorisaurr

So there you have it. This book is not just appealing to die-hard vampire fans, Twilight fans, Shade of Vampire fans, etc. (Though it is appealing to those readers and we are SO GLAD!) It seems to be also appealing to people who have grown weary of vampire books but were willing to give it a shot because our name was in it, and THEY DID NOT REGRET IT. This makes us so happy. This makes us so proud of this book.


Maybe you’re wondering why we chose to write about vampires. Maybe you think it’s been done to Vampire Girl Quote Square Bannerdeath. (Or undeath? Lol) I will say, I don’t think vampires are dead. I think vampires will always hold a certain appeal and fascination with cultures worldwide. There’s an intrigue with the immortal, with the blood sucking undead who must fight to balance their inner darkness with whatever light of humanity is left in what remains of their souls. There’s a longing to understand, to know better that plight, to become part of that world with so much to offer (life, youth, foreverness and beauty), but also takes so much (your very soul, the light–in some cases quite literally, the ability to live free of the eternal torment of unquenchable thirst.)

There’s a draw to that darkness, to that solitary walk in the shadows, that speaks to our own shadow-selves–the parts of us that do not ever feel fully comfortable in the blaze of the sun. 

So no, I don’t think vampires are done. But I do think there’s  a lot of room to play in this world of myth of legends with new eyes and a new voice. That’s what I hope we’ve done with Vampire Girl. The title might sound cheesy to some, but the concept, the execution and the depth of our characters and storylines will not, I hope, sound cheesy.

I believe this book has layers, and that the series has potential for so much more. I believe that you can read this book for the fun, the escapism, the adventure, the magic, the romance… but if you want to, you can also read the layers. You can read the subtext, you can grapple with the deeper questions of truth, honor, social injustice, freedom and fairness and equality that are explored in the storyline. You can work to unravel what is the right course of action when both choices seem right and neither seems right, all at the same time. When the path is muddy and unclear and there seems no way to win, to choose, to act, without losing a piece of your soul, what do you do?

What would you do? What does Ari do? Fen? Asher? All the others whose lives get pulled into this complicated quagmire of relationships and politics and injustice and choices so very parallel to what humanity is mired in now. 

So let Vampire Girl take you on a journey. Let it be what you need it to be. Let it entertain. Let it make you fall in love. Let it force you to ask the hard questions. Let it seduce you with magic and wonder. Let it become your escape.

Begin the adventure with book 1, Vampire Girl. And continue it in a few weeks with book 2, Midnight Star.



VG giveaway fantasyWe have so many going on, it’s been crazy to keep track of it all. So let’s just dive right in. Some of this will expire when all the prizes have been claimed. Some will expire on a date. I’ll try to keep it updated, but just know that you might click on something that is over. Sorry about that. Some of these are also US only because of rules or restrictions or what-not, but some are international as well.

Before I give you the full list, I want to let you know about a few fun things we are doing for/with our readers! First, we have started a Facebook group for Vampire Girl fans who want a community of fellow VG readers with whom to share the journey. It’s open to everyone, just know that people will be talking about the books, so be careful what you read/see if you haven’t finished the book. You can join it HERE.

Second, I had an idea that I wanted to test out. It first came to me when I realized how much people love sharing the adventure of a new story with their friends. So I thought, what if we encouraged mini Vampire Girl book clubs around the world, and sent free swag packs to those who commit to buying and reading the book with at least four other friends? I’m going to keep this going while supplies last, and while I feel that no one is abusing this system for free stuff. It’s not cheap to buy and mail all this, so I’m really counting on reader honesty here, that you are truly buying and reading the book with your friends as stated in the sign up form. Also, because of crazy costs, I can only ship for free in the US. If you are international, I’m happy to still provide you and your friends with free swag, but you will need to cover shipping. Just make a note in the sign up form.

For those who already belong to a book club, if you want to get your club reading Vampire Girl, Vampire Girl Photo Contest Bannerthen sign up and you can still get the swag for this! You can read all the guidelines and sign up HERE.

And now for the giveaways! :) 

AMAZON KINDLE giveaway of 50 ebooks of Vampire Girl: CLICK HERE

AMAZON KINDLE giveaway of 13 ebooks of Court of Nightfall: CLICK HERE

A HUGE Fantasy Facebook giveaway where you can win signed books, swag and goodies from us and several other bestselling authors: CLICK HERE

We are also hosting a #VampireGirlPhotoContest where you could win a Vampire Swag pack! To learn more and enter: CLICK HERE

We also have a few Goodreads giveaways going for Vampire Girl and Court of Nightfall. Check them out here:

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Court of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrade

Court of Nightfall

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