I write paranormal and fantasy for all ages. Here is a sampling of my released and soon-to-be-released books. Each series has its own page for you to explore.

For a great Lower Grade children’s series that is part chapter book and part children’s illustrated book, check out the Three Lost Kids series.

For a fun Middle Grade/YA series in the style of Harry Potter and Rick Riordan, explore the world of teenage witch Agnes and her very reluctant Familiar, in The Reluctant Familiar.

For a romantic and suspenseful YA paranormal thriller/romance, you won’t want tomiss the award winning Forbidden Series.

For more upper YA/adult paranormal fantasy, stay tuned for Blood of the Fallen. (May 2013)

For an epic romance, watch for Sunrise & Nightfall. (January 2013)

And for a collection of poetry, essays and short stories that explore the dark side of love, please enjoy Bits of You & Pieces of Me. (Contains adult content, not for children.)