Son of Destiny:  A Short Story from the world of Death by Destiny

“…My body shook in terror, arms reached out to save the child whom I could never save. Her arm hung at the wrong angle to her side. She cried, long blond hair clinging to her tear-streaked face. I lunged for her too late. Always too late. The earth opened up, swallowing her small frame whole.

I never save the world from being destroyed. I never save the little girl in my dreams that are more than dreams….”

This is Kian O’Riley’s destiny and fate. To dream the prophesy of death and destruction until someday he is called to stop it.

When his best friend’s sister is kidnapped by a maniac who is more than just a man, Kian tries to change the course of his own destiny. But can the Son of Destiny ever run from the path the Fates have laid out for him?

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