The Reluctant Familiar (The Reluctant Familiar, #1)

Shamed by her family.

A disgrace to witches everywhere.

Agnes must decide:

Is she a normal 13-year-old-girl, or the most powerful witch alive?

After a seemingly chance encounter with a flea-ridden alley cat finds her bonded to a god and in possession of powers she has no control over, life is anything
but normal.

As if that’s not enough to upset a girl’s day, a powerful ring has been stolen, and Agnes and Sebastian are the only hope for getting it back and saving the world from the crazed plans of a powerful diety.

If they succeed, they will each get their heart’s desire.

But if they fail, death will be their only reward.

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Coming 2013

Also keep an eye out for the prequel to The Reluctant Familiar: The Egyptian Queen