New Seduced Saga Covers SO SEXY we broke Amazon

With a new year upon us, we're making plans, checking lists, planning launches... all that jazz. And in so doing, we realized something. The Seduced Saga, our bestselling series ever, is now 2 years old! Can you believe that? Two years ago this month, Seduced by Innocence first launched. When Seduced by Pain came out [...]

How I Became a Reluctant Gamer

I blame Dmytry. Seriously, it's entirely his fault that not only have I spent more time than is right or reasonable playing epically long and involved games, but for the first time in my life I am actually waiting in anticipation for a game to release. Dragon Age: Inquisition launches tomorrow and we are ready [...]

Creative Conception-We’re Expecting!

How Book Babies Are Made (only with a MacBook instead of a typewriter) We are pregnant. Not with a new child... three is definitely our limit with actual humans, but with a new book. It's a secret book, only in its most basic stages of conception at this point. It's a tiny seed [...]

The post where we thank you for your Hitched support!

Today we were working on a video for a secret project for our upcoming launch of Court of Nightfall, and we were dressed up and Kimberly had make-up and we thought, you know what? We need to thank our romance fans for the amazing early response we've had with Hitched. Have you checked out Hitched? [...]

#GetHitched and get prizes!

Our fans will tell you–we love giving stuff away! And we love it when we give away some truly awesome stuff…and we are giving away some awesome stuff as part of our Hitched release plans! Check it out! […]

Cover reveal! HITCHED is #ComingNovember #GetHitched

The Hitched cover is here: CHECK IT OUT! We are SO EXCITED about this book and series! HITCHED is coming November 23, but you can pre-order your copy NOW on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iBooks and get it the SECOND it releases. We are stoked to be sharing the cover with you today! You'll definitely be hearing more about [...]

How Parents Have Sex, Part 1

I'm not actually sure if there will be a "Part 2" to this post, but the title felt more complete with a Part 1. And I've just now realized that the "How" part might be misconstrued as an actual demonstration of how to physically have sex, as if parents have sex differently than those who [...]

5 Tips to Succeed at Indie Publishing

A fan recently messaged us asking what specific things we did to make it as far as we have in the indie publishing world. This question came at the heel of finding out that Hugh Howey and 'Data Guy' googled us to determine if our imprint, Daring Books, is indie, when culminating data for the [...]

Tell Me True is HERE! Some debts can only be repaid in blood.

Some debts can only be paid in blood. In the final installment of the bestselling Call Me Cat Trilogy, Catelyn and Ash are faced with their most deadly trial yet. When their picture-perfect wedding ends in tragedy, Catelyn discovers a dark truth about her parents' past. Will she catch the real killer and avenge her [...]

Confessions of a teenage ‘jailbait’ #YesAllWomen #LetsTalkAboutSex

Let's talk about sex. More importantly, let's talk about unwanted sexual attention. There's a hashtag trending on Twitter right now that's creating quite a stir. #YesAllWomen What's it all about? Check out Twitter and see. Here's an article that summarizes it. The gist is this: A 22-year-old got pissed that women kept turning down his [...]