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Here’s the cover:

Court of Nightfall Cover 1 copy

Don’t you love it? This is our favorite cover EVER!

Here’s the blurb:

I’ve spent my life in shades of grey.

It wasn’t until I died that my world filled with color.

That night, I still lived in black and white.

There was a full moon. Full and looking as if it had been rolled in powdered sugar then plopped back into the sky, so that a white dusting shone around it like a halo.

I’ve never believed in monsters, or any of that nonsense. Never believed that the dark could be scary.

Until that night.

Now I know the truth, but it is shrouded with lies.

Now I can see the world in color, but it is covered in shadows.

Now, I must find the monster that killed my parents.

And when I do, I will use my new powers to seek vengeance. A life for the lives that beast stole from me.

I am no longer just Scarlett Night, the color-blind girl who dreams of flying.

Now, I am Nightfall—a fallen angel with a lust for blood. And I shall have my revenge.

Court of Nightfall launches December 14, 2014–but it’ll be available for pre-order everywhere October 6! Thank you SO MUCH for helping us tell the world about it!