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SO MUCH EXCITING THINGS right now! Today the USA is picking a new president. Don’t worry, we’re not about to get political… but in the spirit of voting, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Because of you all, Vampire Girl made it to the semifinal rounds of the Goodreads Choice Awards AS A WRITE IN. Do you know how hard that is? With millions of books to choose from? Now we’re there, in all the VG cover glory. If Vampire Girl was your favorite fantasy book listed for 2016, please click that button to help us make it to the final round. (There’s going to be one hell of a giveaway if we win, I’ll tell you that much. THE BIGGEST WE HAVE EVER HAD.) You can vote HERE. Just scroll till you see the Vampire Girl cover, and click on it. That’s it. (You have to be logged in to vote.) This round closes in a few days, so time is of the essence. Get your friends voting too. EVERY VOTE COUNTS! (hehe, see what I did there?)

In other BIG news, we just signed a deal with Amazon to give Vampire Girl its own Kindle World. You can learn more about Kindle Worlds here. The short explanation is this: On January 26, 2017, there will be a new world on that site that lets anyone who wants to write a story in the VG universe and publish it for actual monies! You get paid to write fan fiction, the authors get paid a small % as the creator of the world, everyone’s a winner. This is your chance to explore some fun storylines that maybe you wish had happened in the VG world. It’s even a chance to get naughtier than we do in our books.

If you’re interested in helping launch the VGKW with a story of your own, email us at with your name and email and someone will be in touch from Amazon with details on how to get started and what to do. You have to provide a formatted and edited story with a cover to participate. NOTE: We will not be reading or giving feedback on the Kindle World VG stories, but for those who help launch this world, we will be pimping out and sharing the first wave of stories that are published through this.

And finally, to celebrate all this amazingness, we’re doing a giveaway. Comment on this blog post with what you love most about the Vampire Girl series and one of you will win a signed copy of VG and some swag! We’ll pick the winners in a few days, when Goodreads announces the books that made it to the finals! (You don’t need to vote to enter, but we’d love your vote either way!)

That’s it for today. We are so grateful to all of you for supporting our books. We love writing for you and love interacting with our readers on FB, twitter and through messages. For those asking about The Nightfall Chronicles, we are still working on that series. It takes longer because the books are so long and complex, but we’re working the last 1-2 books from that series into our 2017-2018 publishing plan. Thank you for your love of that series and your patience.

And don’t forget, VG3: Silver Flame, is now live everywhere. The paperback book is on preorder on and launches November 11. The audiobook will launch in February. And book 4, Moonlight Prince, is on preorder for ebook everywhere. It will be on preorder for paperback on Amazon shortly. We’ll send another email when that happens.

Happy reading, and happy voting.

Lux and Dmytry Karpov Kinrade

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The Seduced Saga by Alex Lux

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Seduced by Power (book 3)
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