Okay, I don’t actually have any proof that Harry Potter broke Amazon yesterday, but it was a pretty dramatic day over all.

Evolved Publishing planned a BIG promotional event for March 27th, 2012. They planned to give away, for FREE, 9 books and 3 short stories, including two of my books: Forbidden Mind and Lexie World.

I placed ads, and signed my books up for the all the big sites and tweeted and Facebooked and scarified chickens (mostly for dinner) and prayed to gods and made deals with demons… all in anticipation of having an awesome FREE day that would 1) Lead to more fans of my two series and 2) Lead to big post-promo sales of my books.

This is the second time I’ve given away these two books, the first was in January. I had over 17,000 downloads of Forbidden Mind that day with major sales in the week and weeks following. Lexie World didn’t take off nearly as much, but still, it helped.

Ironically, we planned our first big promo day the same day that everyone chose to boycott the internet!

And yesterday, the entire Harry Potter series was released in ebook for the first time. Not only that, but to buy it, you click a box on the Amazon page and are redirected to another site for purchase.

And Amazon broke.

For almost 3 hours.

Right in the middle of our big promotion, which happened (not by chance) to coincide with the launch of the second book in my Forbidden Trilogy, Forbidden Fire.

The. Longest. Three. Hours. Of . My. Life.

Now, I don’t have proof that it’s Harry’s fault, but come on? It can’t be a coincidence. Basically, all ebooks showed “this book is not available in the US” and had no pricing or buy option on them. And I had major sites all over the internet directing people who wanted my book, to those pages.

Broken pages.

It was agonizing.

But, despite all that, we had a great day. As a group, we had over 53,000 downloads! Forbidden Mind had almost 12,000 downloads, Lexie World had almost 2,000, and my launch of Forbidden Fire was a stellar success. So many awesome people have already posted on Facebook how much they love this book. I just can’t stop doing my happy dance!

I have the best fans. The best online peeps. I owe all of you BIG for making this day such a tremendous success for me, my books and for all of us at Evolved Publishing. Thank you!

Because of you and your support, even Harry Potter couldn’t stop us!

Oh, and I have some exciting news. Forbidden Life, the final book in the Forbidden Trilogy, now has a launch date. Look for it on Amazon, June 26th! This is a firm date, so mark your calendars. (My editor will KILL me if I don’t meet my deadline, so you will have this book on June 26th.)

In the meantime, add it on Goodreads.

The road to redemption starts in hell.

The older Rent-A-Kids are free, but a powerful force still pulses in the darkness, keeping them all prisoners to their power.

With Drake gone and her power spiraling out of control, Sam doesn’t know how she’ll make it through the birth of her child–or how she’ll protect that child from the evil that stalks her.

Drake will do anything to get his powers back… but when his choices lead to drugs and secrets, he has to decide what he’s willing to lose forever.

Lucy’s shadow powers are growing stronger–too strong. As she and Luke work with the mysterious I.P.I. agents to free the babies and young children still held captive at Rent-A-Kid, Lucy must make some difficult decisions that could jeopardize her friendships, and their mission.

In this final installment of the award-winning Forbidden trilogy, each character must conquer their darkest demons or lose everything in this final battle against the evil Rent-A-Kid organization.

Did you forget to pick up your copy of Forbidden Mind and Forbidden Fire? Get them on Amazon now and journey into a world where paranormal teens are raised in secret and rented out for their abilities until one girl who reads minds finds out what is truly behind the Rent-A-Kid organization.

Forbidden Mind.

Forbidden Fire.

If you’re interested in my children’s series, The Three Lost Kids, check out the new site I created for them. ThreeLostKids.com. This is a kid-friendly place that also will have resources and ideas for parents and educators. Join us over there. It’s fun and there are pretty pictures!

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