My glam shot back in the day!

I’m going to be a guest on the awesome Journal Jabber radio show tonight (July 24, 2012) at 6 p.m. PST. If you tune in, or listen after, you’ll learn some random top secret facts about me and have a chance to win some books! Check it out and tune in here: Kimberly Kinrade on Journal Jabber.

However, I wanted to bring the fun to my blog too, so for the next week, I’m running a truth or lie contest. Find the lies and win!

If you were like Lucy, the human lie detector in Forbidden Mind, you’d know which of these statements were true, and which were lies. If you were like mind-reading Sam, it’d be easy as pie to pick out the fib.  (On a totally unrelated side note, what the heck does ‘easy as pie’ mean?? Pie, to actually make from scratch, is hard. Maybe it means the eating of pie… which is totally easy? Damn, now I’m hungry!)

But back to the point, since you probably don’t have any specific para-powers, you’ll have to guess! (Or hope you know me well enough to NOT guess. J)

Here are 10 statements about me. Guess the lies in the next 7 days and win a free e-copy of Forbidden Mind, Lexie World and Bits of You & Pieces of Me. I’ll even give you a hint, of the 10 statements, 3 are lies. You must guess all 3 correctly to win. I’ll announce the truths (and lies) and the winners on July 31st.

Facts (or Lies) About Me:

1. In the span of a summer in France, I dated an Italian, an Algerian and a French man. (Sounds like the start of a dirty joke, doesn’t it?)

2. Years ago, during my newspaper days as an Entertainment writer, I had a business dinner date with Gabriel Byrne (End of Days, Stigmata, The Man in the Iron Mask, Point of No Return, etc.) to interview him for article an article in the L.A. Times. He was SO swoon-worthy and funny. Apparently, when people call him ‘dark and brooding’, he thinks they’re going to lay an egg, because that’s how the word brooding is used in Ireland—to describe a hen about to lay an egg.

3. I wrote my first published novel in a week.

4. I was in a movie with Dean Cain from the television series Superman and had lunch with him. He even invited me to a party he was having, but I was going out of town that weekend.

5. Thomas Jane, (who played the shark wrangler in Deep Blue Sea, co-starred with Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie in Original Sin, and star of The Punisher) offered me a bite of the tomato he bought while we were at the Farmer’s Market, then later bought me lunch. He told me about his worst job ever—sweeping out a sex club every night!

6. While studying theater at Sarah Lawrence College, I worked as a stage manager for the now famous Blue Man Group. (They weren’t as famous back then.)

7. My little sister, who’s 13, makes a living starring as a dead girl in multiple movies and television shows. She makes a great corpse.

8. My sister (not the 13-year-old) and brother (both blood related to me) married each other. And it was legal.

9. My brother is a reality television star and is known as being ‘ridiculously good looking.’

10. I spent a year abroad in England while in college and dated a guy at Oxford who, if 233 people were to die, would be the next king. He was hot. Especially the accent. (but I like my Russian man better!)

There you have it, folks. Can you spot the lies? Leave a comment with your answer (and no cheating by reading the other comments first!)

There were other truths I so badly wanted to include in this, but I write YA and children’s lit. Oh, if only I wrote erotica! *Sigh*

Can’t wait to hear what you all think are the truths vs. the lies! lol

UPDATE with REVEAL July 31st

This has been so much fun! I’ve loved hearing what you all think are my truths vs. lies! :) I’m also flattered at how many people believed I dated British royalty (#10, sadly, Lie.)

So, here are the results! I’ll go down each one by one:

#1- True. Hey, I was in college, and studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. I was allowed!

#2- False. Sadly. It was close to being true. I had an interview scheduled with him for an LA newspaper, but the article was pulled as not timely enough. :( I had such a crush on him, too!

#3-True. Forbidden Mind was my first published novel, and I wrote the first draft in a week. It was a very intense week.

#4-True. Yup, I’m a movie star. Ha!

#5-True. He was a sweetheart. Even mailed me a signed picture and letter while he was in Mexico filming Original Sin.

#6-False. Though there’s a grain of truth. My first night in New York before I started at Sarah Lawrence, I was wandering the streets of NYC as a broke college student, when I stumbled on the Blue Man Group theater. In a hit of inspiration, I explained to them that I was a theater student at Sarah Lawrence and would love to volunteer to help in exchange for seeing the show. (I’d just given up my job as an Entertainment writer for a major LA newspaper to go to SLC, so I wasn’t used to having to actually PAY to see shows!) Fortunately, they agreed. And in exchange for ushering I got a free seat. It wasn’t front row and I didn’t get to go back stage, but that’s the life of a poor college kid vs. a spoiled entertainment writer! lol

#7- True. She has been in Criminal Minds, Gilmore Girls (though I don’t think she was dead in that one), and several other tv shows and movies. She often ends up as the corps of a missing girl. Guess she fits a certain profile. Creepy!

#8-True, and let me explain. My brother and I are both my mother’s children. I met my sister once we were adults. We share a father. My bro and sis met (as adults) and fell in love, got married and had kids. They are not blood related in any way to each other, only to me. (For those of who have read Forbidden Fire, you might now understand where I came up with a few plot twists!)

#9- True. He had his 15 minutes of fame on the first season of Wipe-Out and it was hilarious. My bro rocks! Check it out here: He’s the ridiculously good looking Neil Smith! He’s introduced at 1:36 and you can see him getting beat up and pitched into mud through 3:20. It’s pretty funny!

#10-False. This one is a full on lie. No truth in it whatsoever. But I’m flattered so many people thought it was true. :)

So, to recap: LIES: #2, 6 and 10!
Since not even my closest friends got more than 1 right, anyone who got even one gets the ebooks! Email me at and let me know which version you’d like. Congrats and thanks for playing!

My other house is this! Truth or lie? lol