First_trailer_for_Jonathan_Rhys_Meyers__DraculaWe couldn’t have been more excited for the series premiere of NBCs newest show, Dracula, starring Jonathan Rhys Myers, and we weren’t disappointed. We loved this Golden Globe winner in The Tudors, and we knew he’d be perfect for the role of Dracula. He’s got a sexy charisma that is dark and dangerous, and he nailed this role last Friday night during the premiere.

Set in the late 19th century in London, Myers poses as an American entrepreneur who has big dreams for the future of electricity. In the first episode, many plot lines are set in place that bring mystery and intrigue to the story. First, he has an invention that could revolutionize electricity and bankrupt the rich white dudes who are banking on a future of oil. But we soon see there’s more to the story than just business as a secret society unfolds, one that not only hunts vampires, but was responsible for some pretty dastardly deeds in the past (and possibly present.) The plot thickens as Dracula (acting as Alexander Grayson) meets a woman who just might be his dead wife reincarnated.

I always find it amusing that in many of these reincarnation plot lines the person in question looks exactly the same as they did in the previous life. That notwithstanding, there’s sexual tension in every exchange between these two, and a decidedly brother/sister chemistry between her and the man she’s supposed to be in love with. Not looking good for the lovable reporter boyfriend.

With a setting and costuming as lush as you would expect for this era and storyline (particularly with the producers of Downton Abbey!), and actors who nail their parts, Dracula is strongly positioned to become a hit.

We can’t wait for this Friday night!


Here’s a question: What do you think is the enduring allure of vampires in cinema and literature? As much as we might complain that vampires are overdone, they still sell, and people still LOVE THEM! Why do you think this is? We’ll be doing a blog post about this soon, and your ideas will be included, so sound off below!