January 2017

Are you ready for the end? Vampire Girl 4… sneak peek

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It's coming. The end of the Vampire Girl series. Vampire Girl 4: Moonlight Prince launches tomorrow, and you're not going to want to miss the conclusion to the USA Today bestselling series that has sunk [...]

Major Vampire Girl news! Keep reading…

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So much is happening in the KK World, it's hard to know where to start this blog post. Firstly, Vampire Girl 4: Moonlight Prince, is launching January 31, and we are so ridiculously excited, I [...]

December 2016

This is your year… words of hope for 2016

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It is December 21, 2016. It is the first day of winter. Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year. If 2016 were a book, this would be the climax. The struggle of light verses dark [...]

November 2016

Giveaway plus exciting Vampire Girl news! #ReadKk

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Giveaway plus exciting Vampire Girl news! Keep reading! SO MUCH EXCITING THINGS right now! Today the USA is picking a new president. Don't worry, we're not about to get political... but in the spirit of voting, [...]

Vampire Girl 3 now available! #ReadKK

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Happy Halloween! And OMG SILVER FLAME IS FINALLY AVAILABLE! You guys have waited months. I know it's been hard. Painful. Unbearable! But Vampire Girl 3: Silver Flame is finally here! (Our fourth book published this [...]

October 2016

Silver Flame (Vampire Girl 3) Chapters 1&2 Sneak Peek

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So many of you enjoyed getting Chapter 1 of Vampire Girl 3: Silver Flame, that we wanted to throw Chapter 2 out to you. I know it's a bittersweet kind of torture. And I promise, [...]