This is a post for kids, but get your parent or guardian’s permission before reading or replying to this!

The Forbidden BookAfter writing six Three Lost Kids books (two distinct trilogies), it’s time for some more fantasy fun from our favorite sisters. The first trilogy is a world discovery series with illustrations (Lexie World, Bella World, Maddie World), where the sisters discover magic and other worlds and learn important life lessons. The second trilogy is a holiday series (The Death of the Sugar Fairy, The Christmas Curse, Cupid’s Capture) where the lost kids save Halloween, Christmas AND Valentine’s Day. They’re busy kids!

But I have to say I’m most excited about this next trilogy, the Magic Library series! In this series, the three lost kids have started a new school, one with peacocks and a library they could live in. But when they find a forbidden book that releases magic from other worlds into theirs, they will have to use all of their skills to save their school from dark forces.

The first book in this trilogy, The Forbidden Book, will be released this fall, and I need YOUR help!

I’m doing a contest, just for kids. Think about this series, about what it would mean if magic (dark and light) were released into your world, your school… what kind of problems would that cause? What could go wrong? What do YOU want to see in these next three books?

Unlike the first two trilogies, which had stand alone books (meaning you could read them in any order and they weren’t really connected to each other except for the characters), this new trilogy will be all connected, and each book will be longer than the first six books were. About twice as long, actually. So we have more room to play with fun plots and scary situations.

So, here’s how this is going to work. Have your parent or guardian help you comment on this post with your answer to this question:

What kind of magical trouble do you want to see The Three Lost Kids get into with this new series, based on the premise of the book?

We will randomly draw two winners who will get their names in the book (with their parent or guardian’s permission) and a free signed copy of The Forbidden Book once it launches. Your idea may or may not be used, but all will be considered for this and future Three Lost Kids books!


We are SO SORRY for how late this is. LIFE HAPPENED. But we have winners! Jordyn Alexander & Lauren Rolfert, you both will have your names in the next Three Lost Kids book to come out sometime next year. (Date to be announced.) I will be happy to give you a signed copy when it comes out, but in the meantime (since my publishing plans got derailed a bit), I would like to offer you each a signed copy of The Three Lost Kids & The Christmas Curse! Just have your parents email me at with your address and I’ll get those in the mail to you.

Thank you ALL for your ideas. You are each so creative and I hope you take your ideas and use them in your own stories. Feel free to even write in the Three Lost Kids world if you’d like. We love when friends join us for adventures! :) (As fan fiction only, not for profit.)

Learn more about The Three Lost Kids series here. You can also visit The Three Lost Kids website for beautiful illustrations from this series.

A gift for you!

Here’s an illustration from Maddie World for you to color! Just have an adult click on it and print!