PrintSo much is happening in the KK World, it’s hard to know where to start this blog post. Firstly, Vampire Girl 4: Moonlight Prince, is launching January 31, and we are so ridiculously excited, I can’t even tell you! You can grab it on preorder here.

Vampire Girl 4: Moonlight Prince

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Watch for the Google Play link at launch, and a preorder for the print book coming soon. This book and Silver Flame will also be available in audio in the coming months. 

Also, to celebrate, Vampire Girl, book 1 in this series, is on sale for the FIRST TIME EVER. You can grab it everywhere for just 99cents! It’s being featured on BookBub next week as part of the launch of book 4. So tell your friends, your family, your sentient and literary pets. Now is the time to start this series if you haven’t already! We’ll also be doing some epically big giveaways on our Facebook page in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on that!

Vampire Girl

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We have some big news about VG4, but first, let me also remind everyone that on VG Kindle World Banner 315x180January 26, the Vampire Girl world opens up to Kindle Worlds. You can check out the page here. Look for the hashtags #VGKW and #VampireGirlKindleWorld to stay up to date on the happenings. This means fans of the series can now GET PAID to write their own fan fiction stories in the Vampire Girl world. This is a very special publishing platform Amazon has set up for popular worlds in literature and television. They make a contract with the source authors (in this case us) and with some rules and restrictions you can read about on the site, anyone, anywhere can write fan fiction, get paid, and have it completely above board with the authors of the series.

We love this. We love that our worlds and stories can become the catalyst of creation for other writers. That our characters and adventures can inspire more adventures and stories. So go forth and write. We can’t wait to see the community that can form from this.

This leads me to our next announcement.

And it’s a big one.

Moonlight Prince will be the last book in the Vampire Girl series.

I’ll let that sit with you a moment before explaining.

VG 4 Moonlight Prince Launch Date FACEBOOK Banner 1

We originally imagined the series longer. At least seven books, maybe more. We had a lot of different story ideas that we thought would evolve well into an ongoing series, and we shared as much with our fans. But when we write, we have to follow our characters and the stories they want to tell. We have to listen. We have to be flexible. We have to tell the story that needs telling, not the one we thought we were going to tell.

It started to become clear in writing VG3: Silver Flame that we might need to rethink our series plan. But we weren’t clear about what that meant until we began writing Moonlight Prince.

Here’s the thing: this series is our best selling series ever. It would be smarter from a financial perspective to keep it going. And we’re full time authors. This is currently our sole income source. So we have to think like business owners from time to time if we want to keep food on the table.


And this is a big BUT.

We will NEVER EVER EVER let the business side of things compromise the integrity of our work and the stories we tell. Even if this means ending a tremendously popular series earlier than we intended. Moonlight Prince is the end of Ari’s story arc. This is a fantasy romance, and the romance is complete with this book. The fantasy quest is also complete. To continue it past this would be for sheer profit and not for the story’s integrity. It would require us to hold back, to sacrifice the epicness of this book so as to save it for another and another book. It would weaken the whole series and your reading experience. We refuse to do that to our readers, to milk a series longer than it should be just for money.

Also, while there are some amazing authors who write long and very interesting series and do a great job at it (and we LOVE reading them!), we are finding that’s not entirely how we write and create. We have a million ideas, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t all fit in the VG world. And it feels inauthentic and forced to try to make them fit, just to keep the world going.

I know some of you will be relieved. You want an ending to the story you start. You want to know it will have a satisfactory conclusion. And we hope you love the ending as much as we do.

I know some of you wanted something different from this series. You wanted it longer. Or you wanted more of each prince and a romance with each of them. Or you wanted something else entirely. For you there is now Kindle World, where you can write or read alternate versions of the Vampire Girl world.

And I know some of you are just sad, because you’ve fallen in love with this world and these characters and don’t want to say goodbye. To you I say… I know how you feel. It’s exactly how we feel. But… books live forever. And we are hoping this world continues to grow, just in different ways.

I won’t say we will never write in this world again. I love Ari and (most of) the princes, and the Fae and Avakiri and Inferna and all of it. I love this world more than I thought, and it’s with a certain bittersweet sadness that I say goodbye to them with this book. So there’s always a chance of coming back. I still have ideas. There are other character stories to play with. Other adventures that could be had. I can make no promises, but neither can I say this is for sure the end. But it is the end of Ari’s story, and it’s a good end. A fitting one. The right one.

You might disagree. But I will have to argue the point that I can only write what the characters tell me to write. No more and no less. If you are getting a different message, then I encourage you to write that story! I can only write my story.

I hope you have fallen in love with this world and these characters like we have.

I hope you have learned and grown and adventured hard with Ari.

I hope she has given you hope on your darkest of days.

I hope you revisit this world over and over and learn new things and imagine new adventures.

And I hope there’s more for VG. We hope for a tv show or a movie series. We would love to help create a much bigger world for VG to live. That would be a dream come true and a way for all the different stories and ideas we have to come together in a medium that would really work for it. We’ve already written a pilot episode for a VG series, and we’re raring to go with the right connections. So we’re really hoping the adventure isn’t over. We’re hoping the adventure just shifts into overdrive. That the fan fiction takes off. That a tv series and movie series follow. That we get to live in this world in different ways for years to come.

But in the end, we hope you see that this decision comes out of great respect for our craft and for you, our reader. We will only ever give you our best. And this ending is our best.

So go grab your copy. Preorder it. Prepare yourself for it. Shit’s about to get real in Inferna and Avakiri and Ari, Fen, Asher, Dean, Kayla, Tavian and everyone else is going to need your support in making it through this.

And know that we have so many other adventures waiting for you. The conclusion of The Nightfall Chronicles with Daughter of Strife. A new secret project that we’ll tell you about when we are allowed to. (Did someone say dragons? What?) We’ll never run out of stories to tell, and we hope you stick around for more of them!

Until then, Dum Spiro Spero. While I breathe, I hope.

Happy reading,

Lux and Dmytry Karpov Kinrade