Where has all my time gone?

I’ve decided to unplug as much as possible from the internet and social media for the next two weeks. So as not to alarm anyone (I’m not dead, don’t send the Calvary), and because I like to imagine that people would in fact be worried if I just disappeared, I’m letting you all know the when’s and why’s and suches.

Forbidden Life, the final book in the Forbidden Trilogy, is due to my editors at Evolved Publishing on May 22, 2012. It’s launching on June 26th, 2012, which is going to be a huge day for Evolved as we have several new books coming out that day. As Marketing Director and one of the authors for Evolved, I actually picked this day and pushed for it as my launch. I made my bed…

…now I must lie in it. Or rather, not lie in it, and stay up all night writing because I’m behind. Don’t tell my editors… they’d kill me… but yeah, I’m behind. I’ll make it. Somehow. But I’m going to need every minute I can squeeze from my life between now and then. I had a serious problem with my fingers and wrists for over a week and couldn’t type. As you can imagine, this set me back a bit! And I also have a client load with Novel Publicity, where I work as a Sr. Campaign Manager marketing for other authors, so I still have work during this time too.

And there’s more.

I have a short story due May 15th for Evolved Publishing’s next anthology. I’m excited about this short story! It’s called The Seeker and is the backstory for the Seeker in Forbidden Fire. If you’ve read that book you’re going to definitely want to read this story! There’s a contest going on about it, and if you’re a writer and want to enter, there’s still time! Check it out here.

I have the story outlined, mostly, but there is that small bit about the writing of it that needs doing.

But that’s not all…

In a very big and thought out decision and after many conversations with my editors and with Evolved, I’ve decided to offer a new, extended edition of Forbidden Mind and republish it on the day the series launches. June 26th. Guess when this rewrite is due?

I’m adding about 20-30k words to this book, and though the main plot line will, by necessity, be the same, it will have more of Drake, more of the school and just… well… more of everything.

Oh and one more thing…

I’m also finishing the final edits for Maddie World, the final book in the Special Edition Trilogy for the Three Lost Kids. If all goes well with my artist who’s doing the illustrations, that too will launch on June 26th.

Do you now see why I need two weeks to focus big time?

I will have to embrace an iron will of discipline to stop procrastinating on Book of Face and the Twitter and even email. I still have to check email for work, but I’m putting myself on a schedule with office hours, or I’ll never make my deadline and my editors really will kill me.

So will my fans… maybe.

I hope you’ll miss me and I hope you’ll remember me when I come back. They say the cyber universe has a short memory. We shall see. I still have blog posts going up on Mondays for my ongoing Unbreakable Heart series, but I will be taking a few weeks off of The Kiss of Life serial novel. I’m sorry for those who are loving the book. I will resume it as soon as I finish Forbidden Life, I promise!

I have some exciting things in store this year and next for those of you who love my work. I can’t wait to write all the books on my schedule!

For those who are so distraught about the possibility of losing me for two weeks that you are having dark and dangerous thoughts, there are things you can do to mitigate the pain some.

Here’s a list I made just for you:

  • Read every book I ever published. Need help picking? If you enjoy YA, paranormal, romance, super hero stuff, or thrillers, start with Forbidden Mind and move onto Forbidden Fire. If you love children’s fantasy with amazing full color illustrations, go straight for Lexie World and Bella World and check out the Three Lost Kids website! If you love poetry and poignant essays with some short stories, try my very first book, Bits of You & Pieces of Me.
  • Sign up for my newsletter to the right and wait for exciting announcements. I adore people who sign up for my newsletter.
  • Leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads of any books of mine you’ve already read.
  • Add Forbidden Life to your Goodreads To-Read list and tell all of your friends, family and intelligent pets to read the first two books in preparation for the series launch!
  • Pray for me. I’ll need it! lol

I am going to be on a radio show tomorrow night, which was scheduled before I realized I’d need to take two weeks to focus. As you can tell, I tend to over-commit just a wee bit! So you will likely see me online briefly to announce that, once I have more details. If you really, really miss me, you can listen to me talk over and over until I come back!

I hope this helps with the withdrawals. You all are the best! Please be patient with me as I try to give you more exciting books to read! xo