Seduced by Innocence Edition 2With a new year upon us, we’re making plans, checking lists, planning launches… all that jazz. And in so doing, we realized something. The Seduced Saga, our bestselling series ever, is now 2 years old! Can you believe that? Two years ago this month, Seduced by Innocence first launched. When Seduced by Pain came out the following month, we started making enough money on this series to go full time as authors. Needless to say, The Seduced Saga holds a special place in our hearts.

On March 2, the last book in this saga is launching, completing the mystery and suspense of this romantic paranormal series, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re celebrating by giving the whole series a sexy makeover. That’s right, new covers for everyone, and we reorganized the series to ultimately make it easier for fans to discover the series and follow along in the correct order.

These new covers are so sexy, we broke Amazon! In fact, as of the time of writing this, Innocence and Pain are still in weird categories (graphic novel and comic erotica????) and are stuck there. lol We’re sure we’ll get it sorted soon.

In the meantime, here’s the breakdown of what we’ve changed and what we’ve kept the same in this beloved series.

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Now, this may initially sound a bit confusing, but it’s actually pretty simple. We even made a meme to help explain.

Here’s the gist.

The first three books (Seduced by Innocence, Seduced by Pain and Seduced by Power) have basically stayed the same, just with new covers and a fresh coat of editing.

What changed the most is how the Seduced by Lies serial was organized. Instead of making it four novella length books (in which the first three were already published as Lies 1: Elysium, Lies 2: The Emzara, and Lies 3: Ancient One), we have combined them into 2 novels. The books no longer exist as novellas. Instead, Seduced by Lies now includes the books formerly known as Elysium and The Emzara, and the new book coming out, Seduced by Darkness (now on pre-order), includes the previously published Ancient One along with what was going to be the final novella, The Nephilim).

Seduced by Lies Explained

What does this mean for you, dear reader?

If you’ve already read everything we’ve put out: Seduced by Innocence, Seduced by Pain, Seduced by Power (or Seduced: Rose’s Story), Seduced by Lies Vol. 1, Seduced by Lies Vol. 2 and Seduced by Lies Vol. 3: Then you’re fine. When you read Seduced by Darkness, you will have the option to re-read part 1 (what was once Vol. 3) or you can skip straight to Part 2 and dive in to the new material. As a bonus, if you are signed up for our newsletter, you will get Part 2 of Seduced by Darkness FREE! 

If you’ve just read the first three books in the series (Innocence, Pain and Power, or the formerly available omnibus, Rose’s Story), then you’re all set. Just start on Seduced by Lies (book 4) and grab Seduced by Darkness (book 5). BAM! Done and done.

If you’re here because you’re confused. You read through Lies 1 but didn’t get Lies 2 before we pulled it and now don’t know what to do… never fear. Email us at and show us some proof of purchase for Lies 1 (a screenshot of your Amazon purchase, the email, anything you have), and we’ll send you what is now the second half of Seduced by Lies so you can finish that book before diving into Seduced by Darkness when it launches. You can also just pick up Seduced by Lies and read it to the end to get caught up as well.

What you SHOULDN’T DO! Do not go from Seduced by Lies Vol. 1: Elysium, to Seduced by Darkness. You will be missing a HUGE chunk of the story if you do. So please email us or pick up a copy of the new Seduced by Lies (this might require going into your Amazon account, deleting the current Seduced by Lies Vol. 1 from your books and repurchasing it) before moving onto Seduced by Darkness.

To summarize, The Seduced Saga is now a 5 book series with the final book on pre-order on Amazon.

Seduced by Innocence (book 1)

Seduced by Pain (book 2)

Seduced by Power (book 3)

Seduced by Lies (book 4)

Seduced by Darkness (book 5)

We do not currently have any plans of writing more in this series, but if you love this world as much as we do, you can check out the origin story of Sam, Drake and their friends with The Forbidden Trilogy, and see what the future of this world looks like in our new super fantasy, The Nightfall Chronicles.

All of these books are currently exclusive to Amazon, which means you can read them all FREE if you sign up for KindleUnlimited. They have a 30 day free trial, so check it out!

We hope you enjoy the new makeover and organization to The Seduced Saga. Let us know if you have any questions. You can find us on Twitter or Facebook.

*** The Seduced Saga is a paranormal romance/mystery series with adult sexual content and mature themes. The Forbidden Trilogy and The Nightfall Chronicles do NOT contain adult content and can be read by younger readers. ****

Here’s to a kickass 2015!