Several of you have asked how you might get signed copies of my books, so I’m going to make it easy and fun!

If you order signed copies of Forbidden Mind and/or Forbidden Fire, I’ll also throw in some new swag I’m having delivered in the next few days, free!

So, what do you get if you order? It’s nothing huge, but I think it’s fun. You get the bookmarks featured above with the books, plus you get an IPI ID Badge (see to learn more about the International Paranormal Investigators and what we do over there. If you read Forbidden Fire, you met Agent Simmons and Agent Morrison at the very end. But rest assured, Forbidden Life has a lot more IPI action, including the super hot Hunter Riley. (sneak peek: Lucy finds him pretty hot too!)

Customizable IPI Badges, just add your pic (or any pic) & sign!

And here's the back, making you VERY official!

How cool are these? You’ll be a real agent, with all the authority inherent that role. Don’t forget to report any paranormal activity to

Classes for Agents will begin soon. 😉

You’ll also get a postcard from Sam, but it can be signed with a personal note from any of your favorite character in the books, just leave a note when you pay via paypal and let me know who you’d like a note from, or if you have a specific question for anyone.

Paranormal teens with unimaginable powers. An evil organization with deep secrets. When Sam, a girl who reads minds, meets a boy who controls minds, she discovers her future isn’t what she thought.

Together they must escape and free the others… or risk losing everything–and everyone–they love.

“A thrilling, dark and deeply romantic read that had me sitting on the edge of my seta and eagerly awaiting the next installment.”

~Refracted Light Young Adult Book Reviews

You can also order copies of any of the Three Lost Kids books as well. For a complete list of all my books and information about each, see the tab “Books” above on my menu bar, or check out Kimberly Kinrade’s Amazon Page.

Inspired by three little girls with adventurous spirits, the Three Lost Kids Series takes readers to worlds unexplored and adventures untold, where they meet magical creatures, go on great quests and learn important life lessons for their everyday world.

Ideal for readers 3-9 years old, the Three Lost Kids Series is a unique hybrid of a lower grade chapter book and children’s illustrated book, great for kids transitioning! Written by award winning author Kimberly Kinrade and illustrated by the amazing Josh Evans, these books will spark the imagination in readers of all ages.

Kimberly Kinrade books signed
Character Question/Postcard