sambwReal Name
Sam (no last name)

Sam Smith






Threat Level
Least Concern

Para-Level (1-10)
7 – A strong, powerful para-power with influence over others. (Ex. Mind reading, memory shaping)

Classified: Forbidden Mind:
8 – A very strong, very powerful para-power or ability. (Ex. Mind control.)

Mind reading, mind control

Rent-A-Kid spy/artist

Place of Birth
test-tube experiment manufactured in Rent-A-Kid lab

Relationship Status
Married to Drake Davis

Known Relatives
The Seeker, Mr. Steele

Group Affiliations

Base of Operation

Reads minds. Was raised in a secret schools for paranormals and rented out as a spy. Artist of note.

First Appearance: Forbidden Mind (Forbidden Trilogy, #1)

Resources on this paranormal: Learn more about Sam and the Rent-A-Kid organization with Forbidden Mind, Forbidden Fire and Forbidden Life, by Agent Karpov Kinrade, Christmas Lites II


From Sam:

This is what my official profile at IPI (International Paranormal Investigations at says. Like that’s all that matters about me, how powerful I am, what’s my threat level, what can I do.

This is all that mattered to Rent-A-Kid too, though I didn’t know it at the time. They used me as a spy, rich people spying on other rich people so they could all get richer. Whatever. You want to know the real me? Look at my best friends, Luke and Lucy. Look at my art work. Talk to my boyfriend. They can tell you the important stuff.

Like, I love art more than anything. I love painting and drawing and going to museums. I’m a total geek about it and could spend days and days in a studio or museum just absorbing colors and shapes and images. My favorite movie is X-Men, for obvious reasons. (Come on, you know it’s funny!) I totally hate palm trees. Seriously, they’re the ugliest trees in the world and I don’t know why people like them.

I’m sometimes shy and often end up on the wrong side of a bully’s attention—mostly Mary, she’s such a witch. (Not a real witch, just, you know, witch with a ‘b’.) I’m working on standing up for myself more though.

I’m really loyal to the people I love and would do anything for them, and I can’t wait to go to Sarah Lawrence and study art.

So this is just a little about me, but you’ll never really know me if you don’t spend some time with me.

And sadly, you’ll never know me as well as I will know you. I can read minds after all, and I know what you’re thinking right now!


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