Are you a mind-reader? Mind-controller? Truth-seer? Take the Forbidden Quiz and find out!


You’ve just met someone who seems suspicious and you suspect isn’t being entirely honest with you. You:

  1. Read their minds to find out what you need, but only if they appear to be a threat to someone you love. And you feel really badly afterward.
  2. Mind control them and force them to tell you everything. If that doesn’t work, a flex of your muscles will inspire more sharing.
  3. You can tell if they’re lying, no problem. If they don’t spill their secrets, chances are a few minutes on your computer will reveal everything you need to know about them.
  4. A bat of your eyelashes and a seductive smile are all you need to get someone to tell you anything and everything. No one’s ever been able to resist you.
  5. Walk away. We all have our pasts, and not all of us feel inclined to share every secret. You’ll observe the person and in due time will know by their actions if they are trustworthy or not.

You’re at a party with a lot of people you don’t know. You:

  1. Talk with the few friends you do know and spend some a lot of time in the bathroom ‘unwinding’.
  2. Check out everyone briefly, but unless you find your significant other or best friend, you’d rather spend the evening with a beer on the patio enjoying the sunset.
  3. Mingle a bit, get a sense of the crowd and hang with those closest to you. If you happen to stumble into a private office with a password protected computer, well, can you be blamed for taking a peek inside? No, you can’t.
  4. Work the crowd, making every person of the opposite sex fall in love with you while their dates wish death upon you from afar. You have your crowd of admirers who follow you around and make sure everyone knows you are the King/Queen of this affair.
  5. Assess the situation. If this is a required event for work, you work it like expected, pulling out the false extrovertedness you keep on reserve for such occasions. If it’s not, you’ll be polite but likely won’t stay long. There are bad guys to catch and people to save and who has time for parties anyways?

You have a day to yourself and are looking forward to doing the thing you love most. You:

  1. Spend the day creating, whether that be writing, painting, taking pictures or making music. Your soul craves it.
  2. Enjoy the great outdoors. Fishing, hiking, biking, surfing. Doesn’t matter as long as you can feel the sun on your back and breathe in the fresh air.
  3. Hang with your favorite family member. If they’re not available, you’ll probably spend the day up close and personal with your other BFF: your computer.
  4. Most assuredly do not spend it alone. You call your followers and arrange something that gets you into public and the company of the opposite sex. It’s imperative you have people fawning over you.
  5. Check in with work and make sure you really aren’t needed. If that’s truly the case, then you spend the day training so you’re ready when you are needed. A good work out would also be in order.

On a vacation, you would rather:

  1. Hit all the best museums. Art is everything.
  2. Spend it in the wild. Some camping or mountain climbing would do you good.
  3. Anything, as long as you can get some spying and espionage in on the side.
  4. A beach. With the opposite sex. And drinks. And lots of skimpy bathing suits.
  5. Go back to work.

Someone you see everyday makes a snide and hurtful comment to you. You:

  1. Ignore it. It’s not worth making drama over. You might shed a few tears in the bathroom, but you’ll get over it.
  2. Punch them. No one talks to you that way. If physical violence is too over the top, you’ll be very persuasive in getting them to leave you alone.
  3. Reply with a snarky comment of your own and set them in their place, then walk away and not think of it again. You’re above such pettiness.
  4. Give back ten-fold what was given and make sure to torment them mercilessly everyday thereafter. No one takes a shot at you and lives.
  5. Laugh. It’s amusing to think someone would dare insult you, but if they did, you’d laugh and move on. Who cares what they think, anyways?

You meet the man/woman who you think might be your soul mate. You:

  1. Establish a mind-link with them and share every thought and feeling with each other until you know each other like you know yourself.
  2. Vow to protect them forever and do anything necessary to keep them safe and punish those who hurt them.
  3. Flirt, spend time talking, and maybe play with their sword. Common interests are important, after all.
  4. Make them fall in love with you by power of… well, you. What else is needed?
  5. Stay cautious. It’s not a good idea to let people get too closer, but for the right person, you’re willing to open yourself more. You might even let them play with your sword.


So, which Para-Power do you have?

If you picked mostly 1s, you are: Mind Reader / Sam

SamLike Sam in The Forbidden Trilogy, you always know what’s on people’s minds… literally! You are a loyal friend so you try to stay out of your friend’s thoughts, but your gift comes in handy when confronted with enemies. You’re not afraid to stand up to the worst of the worst using your mind reading, but sometimes the everyday bullies are the hardest for you to handle.

Though you strive for normality, you learn to embrace your gift and use it for the good of others.

You’re also super creative and love to make art, whatever form that is, and this helps you cope with all the clutter of knowing too much about other people.

If you picked mostly 2s, you are: Mind Controller / Drake

DrakeYou know how to get what you want… and you aren’t afraid to go after it. Like Drake in The Forbidden Trilogy, you can manipulate the minds of others to get them to cooperate, and if that fails, there’s always physical coercion. But despite your powers, you have a good heart and don’t intend to hurt people. You just won’t let anyone hurt those you love.

When you’re not playing the role of protector, you love spending time outdoors, taking in some sun.

If you picked mostly 3s, you are: Truth Seer / Lucy

LucyNo one can get a lie past you and they know it. Like Lucy from The Forbidden Trilogy, you can always tell when people aren’t being totally up front, but you don’t always know what the truth is.

You may not be able to read minds, but you have other tools at your disposal. Just put a computer in your hands and you’ll find out everything you need to know.

You’re tight with what family you have and loyal to your friends, but you aren’t afraid to call a spade a spade. People shouldn’t cross you because you don’t take shit from anyone.

If you picked mostly 4s, you are: Seducer / Mary

MaryYou’re smarter than people realize, mostly because they’re too busy staring at your body. That’s okay by you. Like Mary from The Forbidden Trilogy, you know how to use your natural ‘gifts’ to get the opposite sex to do what you want. You also have an entourage of friends who admire everything from your fashion sense to your confidence. You’re the center of attention at every party and you love every second of it! You can seduce anyone to your every whim, but finding a true connection is harder for you.

Someday you hope someone will see the person lurking under the perfect smile and snarky attitude. But you’re not afraid of the haters. In the meantime, there’s always another hottie to have some fun with, and that’s not too shabby.

If you picked mostly 5s, you are: Mysterious Badass Rule Follower/Hunter

Hunter wall backgroundYou follow the rules and keep to the code, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a badass. You have a lot of secrets and a lot of wisdom lurking under all that sarcasm and sexiness, enough to keep the opposite sex guessing—and begging for more.

Like Hunter from Forbidden Life, your past is private and there are things you’re not interested in sharing about yourself. You figure people can learn the truth about you by seeing how you act now, not by digging through the painful relics of your past. That doesn’t mean you’re all mope. You’re quite flirtatious with the right person, and know how to woo the one you’ve set your sight on. And underneath the wit is some pretty deep wisdom. People shouldn’t underestimate you in a battle of swords or words.

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