We work with an extraordinary team of professionals that we’re delighted to share with you! This is where you can find the best of the best for editing, publicity, social media management, writing coaching and so much more! While it’s true that we used to be in this business of marketing, social media, editing and design for authors (and we sometimes still teach about it), we don’t take clients anymore, but these folks do. And everyone needs a great team to help them become the best at what they do, even us!


Sara O’Conner and her team over at Gliterary Girl Media are fabulous. From editing to publicity to design, they have it all and they do it well. GGM is our publicist and we couldn’t be happier. Author or reader, check them out at Gliterary Girl Media.

 222147_469216163118590_1331938256_nMARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA GURU

Anne at Badass Marketing is BADASS and knows how to get it done! She’s our Social Media Manager and we LOVE her. She’ll tell it like it is and help you become great. Go enjoy the badassary of Badass Marketing.


Rebecca T. Dickson is a brilliant author, editor and writing coach who inspires everyone she works with to ‘write now!’ With her wit, love of words, and passion for people, Dickson is a woman worth knowing and working with. Find her here.


Tracy Riva, book reviewer for Midwest Book Review and editor extraordinaire is our super fav for editing. We recommend her with 100% of our being, so go check her out at her website.


Not the funnest part of our business, but a necessary one. Don’t make the mistake of getting suckered into a contract that could seriously damage your career. David P. Vandagriff is a lawyer by day, and deals a lot in contract review and legal council for authors. He’s seen it all and is a great person to work with. Don’t sign anything except an autographed copy of your book without calling him first. Also check out his alter ego, The Passive Voice, where he blogs about all things publishing.