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Kimberly Kinrade and her books

Forbidden Mind on Amazon

“…a thrilling, dark and deeply romantic read that had me sitting on the edge of my seat and eagerly awaiting the next installment.” – Refracted Light Young Adult Book Reviews

“Do not make any plans on the day you begin, as once you start, you will not be able to put it down.” – L.M. Stull, Author

“A fast paced paranormal thriller that kept me hanging on every word and dying for the next book!” ~Living Fictitiously

“Forbidden Mind is beautifully written and worth your reading time.” – BookWormSans

“Forbidden Mind was an amazing and unique story. The sci-fi elements combined with the events that happened made this a surprising and refreshing story. If you’re looking for a different type of book, this is the one for you. I highly recommend it. I can’t wait to read more about Sam & Drake!” ~My Cute Bookshelf

“Kimberly Kinrade knew what she was doing when she penned this little gem. She gave us a refreshingly fast paced & thrilling YA book. It is not a cookie cutter model of what’s on the shelf around it either. From the cover to the contents it is a perfect package.” ~ Books and Beyond

“Filled with well-developed characters and a plot that will keep you at the edge of you seat, Forbidden Mind is unputdownable! Kimberly Kinrade has created realistic, true characters, making it so easy to believe that such a place could exist. That somewhere, right now, a Rent-A-Kid could be watching you.” ~StoryMage

“Forbidden Mind is an authentic tale of the power of innocence, and the intuitive powers that manifest when we follow what is true in us. I cannot recommend this story highly enough. I never stay up to read anymore, but Forbidden Mind kept me riveted to its conclusion, far past bedtime.” ~Kate on Amazon

“Forbidden Mind was an amazing book! It was unlike any YA paranormal novel out there. Kimberly Kinrade told a story that was literally impossible to put down. The plot was fresh and unique, the characters were real, and the dialogue was never lacking.” ~Destiny Philipose

Lexie World on Amazon

“I thoroughly enjoyed Lexie World! Filled with page after page of stunning imagery and exquisite narration, Kinrade, yet again, pulls us into her world.

The characters are absolutely adorable and I was sad to bid them farewell. Lexie and her friends have some very important lessons to teach children… and adults (yes, even us grownups can take a page from Lexie’s book). Simply put, this book is a MUST BUY for children of all ages.” ~L.M. Stull, author

“A sweet book for small children with lots of adventure and a very important message in the end, Lexie World is stocked with full color illustrations and the lovely voice of Lexie herself. The first in a series of three based on a trio of sisters, Lexie World will help kids understand their impact on the environment and what they can do to make the world a better place.” ~Patti Larsen, author

“This is the best books I have ever read. It teaches a lesson that all kids should learn. It is a magical story that was very intesting to read.” ~A Kid’s Review

Bella World on Amazon

“Bella World will have you and your kids thinking about others in brand new ways, a powerful message buried in all that hoarded gold.” ~Patti Larsen, author

“Bella World is not your average dragon story. There are many surprises in this story that are sure to entertain kids and grown-ups alike. Bella World also contains an important message. It presents to the reader, in a way kids will like, a fuller understanding of one’s emotions. The story illustrates how the emotions that lead to stealing, lying, prejudging and, most of all, anger, can be better expressed through honesty, empathy and self-understanding. I think this book will help kids feel empowered, like a dragon, to do the right thing and feel good about it! Bella World is a well-written, emotionally refreshing read for kids and dragon lovers of all ages. Kimberly Kinrade has done a superb job creating a magical story, one which is delightfully complimented by Josh Evans’s colorful, expressive and action-packed illustrations.” ~Jason Sullivan

“SO much more than a children’s book, Bella World is a strong lesson for us all. The author has brought to light something we all forget and should not-ever.” ~Amazon