The Forbidden, Seduced and Fallen worlds are all connected to each other, but each series is stand alone and can be read independent of each other.

The Forbidden Trilogy (includes all three Forbidden books in an omnibus edition)

This is an upper Young Adult series that also appeals to adults.

  1. Forbidden Mind
  2. Forbidden Fire
  3. Forbidden Life

The Seduced Saga

A New Adult/Adult series with explicit sexual content that pulls in characters/themes from Forbidden and Fallen.

  1. Seduced by Innocence
  2. Seduced by Pain
  3. Seduced by Power
  • Seduced by Lies (a serial novel sequel to Rose’s Story, coming late July 2013)

The Fallen Series (coming soon)

A New Adult/Adult urban fantasy with romance, adventure and mystery that pulls in characters from Forbidden and Seduced.

  • Sunrise & Nightfall (a prequel standalone novel to the Fallen Series)
  1. Tears of the Fallen (this is a parallel book to The Forbidden Trilogy)
  2. Blood of the Fallen
  3. Flight of the Fallen

Contemporary Romance

Kiss Me Series

A New Adult contemporary romance series with sexual content. Each novel in this series is a standalone novel that follows the Deveaux sisters as they find love, and trouble, in all the right places.

  1. Kiss Me in Paris
  2. Kiss Me in Cairo (coming soon)