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Seduced by Lies (A Serial Novel)

Seduced By Lies Cover 2Rose and Derek have settled into married life and are enjoying their new jobs living with and teaching paranormal kids at the mansion with Father Patrick and their new friends.

Everything seems idyllic, until paranormal teens start showing up dead in the local news, killed by what looks like a wolf attack.

As Rose, Derek and their friends seek out the truth of these mysterious killings, a Bishop sent by the Pope arrives to undo everything they’ve worked so hard to build.

Packed with mystery, romance and paranormal intrigue, Seduced by Lies picks up where Seduced by Power (and Seduced: Rose’s Story) left off, and brings in even more characters from the award-winning Forbidden Trilogy.

This is a stand-alone serial novel that will have 5-7 individual volumes. Each volume will be 20-30 thousands words. It is also a sequel to Seduced: Rose’s Story, and in some ways, a sequel to The Forbidden Trilogy.

Seduced by Lies, Vol. 1[/box]