Kimberly Kinrade Author Interviews

1/10/11 Kimberly Kinrade: A Twitter Case Study of an Author Brand by Marian Schembari

2/22/11 Author Interview with L.M.Stull Act as if you are getting paid to write! Tips and insights into my writing process.

3/30/11 Writer Spotlight is on…Kimberly Kinrade with Liza Kane Random bits about me!

4/5/11 Author Interview on ALL KINDS OF WRITING with Lorna Suziki /dLfCy2 Inspiration for BITS OF YOU & PIECES OF ME and sneak peek at what’s next!

6/11/11 Unbridled Radio Interview with Kimberly Kinrade How social media & Twitter changed my life!

7/15/11 Simon Hay tells everyone what kind of drink I’d be! You don’t want to miss this… Plus, real ghost stories!

On air interview for Ghost Chat Radio:
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Guest Posts by Kimberly Kinrade

12/20/10  The Ghost of Writing Present for L.M. Stull — All you ever wanted to know about ghostwriting

3/14/11  How NOT to Self-publish for Marian Schembari

4/4/11 My Unbreakable Heart: Why We Stay for  Domestic Violence, what you don’t know.

4/20/11 A Map to Self-Publishing

6/19/11 Beating the Drama of Writer’s Block on Writing Without the Drama

7/8/11 Magic Dish Water: Finding the Magic in the Everyday