As many of you know, my amazing husband, Dmytry Karpov, and I are going to be co-writing a lot of books in the coming year. And today I have the official cover reveal for our first novel, Sunrise & Nightfall.

This may well be my favorite book. Look for it from Evolved Publishing Jan. 15, 2012!

He’ll risk everything to save her life.

She’ll sacrifice it all to save his soul.

Danika Star will die soon, her visions have foretold this, and they are never wrong.

Andriy Zorin will live forever, but not without a price.

They never expected to fall in love, especially with each other, but fate had other plans.

To save the woman he loves, Andriy must defy the rulers of his kind and make her immortal.

But even immortals can be killed.

Set during the early Renaissance in Venice, Italy under the threat of the Inquisition, Sunrise & Nightfall is a story about love, death, immortality and the power of redemption.


Look for Andriy Zorin in Blood of the Fallen, May 2013 as well.