This week, the amazingly talented Angela Scott is joining us in an exciting giveaway you’re not going to want to miss! Her dystopian mystery, Anyone? has some surprising similarities to our superhero urban fantasy, Court of NightfallI’ve read it and LOVED it…plus, we’re doing a BIG giveaway together that you should definitely enter…check out the Rafflecopter below my review! (And go check out Angela’s review of Court of Nightfallshe has some incredibly kind words to say! Thank you, thank you!)


To kick things off, I want to introduce you to Anyone? because it’s an amazing book that I couldn’t put down!

Kimberly’s thoughts on Anyone?

ANYONE-3DAnyone? is a fantastic dystopian suspense that keeps you engaged from beginning to end. After the sky literally starts to fall, destroying her house and her life, Tess is left alone in a bunker to count down the days until her father returns with her brother.

After three months, she realizes help isn’t coming.

Still, she waits, her kitten as her only company, surviving on supplies her father stocked their bunker with.

It isn’t until she loses power that she realizes she can’t stay in hiding forever, and she takes her first tentative steps into a world she no longer recognizes.

All the people have disappeared. There are no sounds of animal or life anywhere. Entire cities have been destroyed, and the weather now fluctuates between 120 degree heat and freezing cold blizzards.

Tess is not prepared for hardcore survival and soon finds herself injured, scared and desperate for help.

Help comes in the form of Cole, a mysterious stranger who has made his utopia within the ruined remnants of the city. He gives Tess first aid and joins her on her quest to find her father and brother and figure out what happened to their world.

Angela Scott is a masterful writer, as evidenced by her other brilliant novels–Desert Rice, Desert Flower, and her Zombie West series. I’m a huge fan, and I have to admit this might be my favorite book she’s written. Anyone?, like it’s title, will leave you with more questions than answers, but that doesn’t detract from the brilliance and addictiveness of the writing and story.

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