To go along with my health post today about getting back into shape and healthy, here’s a fermented enzyme salad recipe that is not only tasty but super-healthy for your digestion and body! Enjoy!

For those of you who hate watching videos as much as I do (this is for you, Pavarti!), here are the ingredients for the enzyme salad. This video did not give amounts, so I eyeballed it for my batch. I’ll give you the ballpark of what I used, but it’s not an exact science. Do what you can, as long as it’s got a lot of liquid and fermented veggies (the sauerkraut is the most important), you’ll be fine.

My batch filled about 15 glass quart sized mason jars. I suggest getting a set of 20 just in case.

What you will need to begin:

20 Quart sized glass mason jars
4 BIG bowls
A few small bowls
Cutting board
Good cutting knife for veggies
A few hours to cut and chop!


Sauerkraut (2 large jars)
red cabbage (1 head shredded)
green cabbage (I head shredded)
raw sunflower seeds (2 large handfuls per large bowl, they will naturally sprout in the moisture and be packed full of protein and nutrients.)
tomatoes (6 cut in small pieces)
carrots (I bought 4 bags, 2 shredded and 2 cut in small circles)
cucumbers (7-10 cut into tiny pieces)
red onions (4 cut into tiny pieces)
broccoli (3 heads, cut into tiny pieces)
daikon (I couldn’t find, but cut it up if you use it.)
celery (a stalk, cut up small)
garlic (as much as you like. I used a whole bunch, but then got tired of peeling. I recommend but pre-peeled and even crushed garlic to save time)
ginger (shredded small, a small spoonful per large bowl)
chives (a small bowl, cut into small pieces)
pickles (7-10 large, cut into small pieces)
red and orange peppers (2-3 of each cut small)
apples (8-10, cut small)
chili pepper (I didn’t use.)
Sea weed (Couldn’t find but do recommend. Soak it first, then dump a small amount into each bowl you’re making)

For the dressing:

Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acid (3-4 squirts… about a TB each)
Apple cider vinegar (I jar)
Celtic sea salt (to taste)
Dijon mustard (A few squirts)
Agave (A few squirts)
Tamari (Pour some in)
Lemon (1-2 squeezed)
Balsamic vinegar (Pour some in)


Pour one jar of sauerkraut into each of your two largest bowls. Divide up the shredded cabbage and carrots equally and add. Divide up sunflowers and add. Mix all well to get the juices everywhere.

Add each ingredient, equally to both bowls. If you run out of room, take some of the base from each bowl and start a new bowl, then divide up the rest of the ingredients into all bowls.

Pour some of the pickle juice into each bowl to keep it moist.

When all ingredients are in, make dressing. This is really just ballpark amounts. Shake dressing and pour over all the bowls and mix well.

Scoop into jars and put in the refrigerator. This will last up to a month and the fermentation will support a healthy intestinal tract, while all the nutrients and veggies will support overall health.