Wow. Just wow! I can’t even believe the reviews that are pouring in for the three books in the Forbidden trilogy (Forbidden Mind -110 reviews at 4.3, Forbidden Fire38 reviews at 4.8, and Forbidden Life – 21 reviews at 4.8) and now for The Forbidden Trilogy Special Omnibus Edition – 11 reviews at 4.9, which launched today!

I’m blown away! Here’s what readers and critics are saying:

“A thrilling, dark and deeply romantic read.” ~ Refracted Light Young Adult Book Reviews

“THE best trilogy I have read EVER since The Hunger Games!” ~ Sharon Hughes

“The plot is very ALIAS and DARK ANGEL-like with X-MEN as its backdrop (awesome combo!).” ~ Sour Skittles Book Blog

“Kinrade’s talent lies in weaving stories together, telling multiple points of view with clarity and precision while making you love her characters through their humanity and unwillingness to quit no matter what.” ~Patti Larsen, Author

” These characters are ones that will dig into your heart so deeply that you’ll find yourself sympathizing with each and every one of them. At times, you’ll even root for the bad guys because of the unique circumstances they find themselves. I definitely recommend this series for reading. It’s one you’ll end up reading time and time again.” ~ N. Medina

“I hope this trilogy will be made into movies, because I will make it a point to see all three of them! I’d love to see these beloved people come alive on the silver screen! As good as these books are, I don’t think I’ll have to wait that long for this to come true, either! Here’s my parting advice: dive into these books — you’ll find it very hard to come back to reality, and, in fact, may not want to come back at all!” ~TwilightDreamLover

“I highly recommend you own the complete Forbidden Series and display it proudly on your bookcase. It is a story you won’t mind reading over a half dozen times.” ~ lilgracielou

See what I mean? Incredible. So I’m celebrating. First, you can join the party on Facebook and I will have random fun all week long, including extra little giveaways!

Click here for The Forbidden Trilogy Launch Party.

Also, I have a special offer for anyone following this launch this week. Here it is:

I’m going to do a special set of giveaways when The Forbidden Trilogy reaches certain benchmark rankings on Amazon between now and Friday midnight PST. Here are the details for that:

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If it reaches 1,000 on Amazon, EVERYONE here will get everything listed above PLUS a free ecopy of my first book published, “Bits of You & Pieces of Me”

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So please help me make these benchmarks a reality! Help me launch The Forbidden Trilogy to the top of the bestsellers lists and I will give lots of prizes!

Please share the link, encourage your friends, family and literate pets to get their copy!! I couldn’t have come this far without all of you and I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received in writing this trilogy! THANK YOU!!

As if that’s not enough, I’m having ANOTHER GIVEAWAY with additional prizes. This will last all week and there are tons of ways to enter. See the raffelcopter giveaway widget at the bottom of this post.

Also, keep an eye on this site, as all week there will be fun ways to win more prizes!

But first, one more thing! All week Forbidden Mind is on sale for just 99cents for those who want to test drive the series before committing. But you STILL SAVE $2 if you buy The Forbidden Trilogy, even if you already bought Forbidden Mind. So share it with your friends, pick up a copy, and get hooked on what (I hope!) will be the next Big Thing!

About The Forbidden Trilogy

Those inside are special, gifted with unique abilities, abilities that make them dangerous to the outside world. Since childhood, they’re trained to control their powers, to show restraint, and to defend themselves. For years they practice, honing their gifts for one purpose: to be rented out to the highest bidder as a spy, to be used as a weapon against others.

Sam never questions her role at the secret organization dubbed Rent-A-Kid.

Until she meets Drake.

She reads minds.

He controls minds.

Together, they might get out alive.

*Award-Winning Book #1 – Forbidden Mind
*Book #2 – Forbidden Fire
*Book #3 – Forbidden Life
*In-Depth Q&A with Author Kimberly Kinrade
*Extensive Bonus Content (Available ONLY in this Special Edition)

Get the whole trilogy, plus bonus content and save money… even if you already bought Forbidden Mind. This special edition gives readers the best deal with the best content!


This was the moment. Our first meeting. What if the chemistry we had in our minds didn’t translate to our bodies? What if he looked at me and ran away?

Ana, reading my mind, tugged me to the door with a motherly smile. My heart clenched at the thought that Lucy and Luke should have basked in that smile over the last eighteen years. The injustice of it all renewed my motivation.

She opened the door and Drake stepped forward, and for that moment, the world stopped spinning and time stood still.

In my imagination, he hadn’t been so tall. Tall and muscular. His blond-highlighted hair lay casually messy, and his crystal blue eyes held me in a long stare. He’d found a way to shave, and the chiseled strength of his jaw made my knees weak.

When he smiled, warmth filled my stomach.


That was it, just one word, but he made it sound like it held all the secrets of the universe. His voice was deeper, huskier, than it had been in my mind.
“Drake, it’s really you.”

He reached for my hand. “It’s really me.”

When his skin touched mine, lightning danced between us.
He pulled me close, breathing in the scent of me as our bodies touched. I nearly cried right there in his arms, just being held, feeling him. I never wanted to let go.

But I had to.

For a great article on how to do some of the things suggested in the giveaway, see this post: 10 Ways to Help Your Favorite Author. It even had pictures!

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