A new psychological suspense from USA Today bestselling author, Karpov Kinrade

The Naughty Live Longer coverGONE GIRL MEETS SHERLOCK

“A mind blowing novel” – Angel ★★★★★

“…you need to read it” – Scott Ryan ★★★★★

Experience the gripping psychological thriller from USA Today bestselling author Karpov Kinrade.

Tonight, I will meet my daughter for the first time. As I walk past the train tracks, I think of what I may say, what she may say back, and I realize… I’m looking forward to this… to her.

But when I reach the spot, my blood runs cold. There’s one scenario I didn’t prepare for.

The one in which I find my daughter in the mud. Naked. Her legs and arms spread in the center of a blood red pentagram. Five candles around her. Her chest cut open.

I look away, the demons howling in my head, boiling beneath my skin. I block them out. Focus on the scene. Her heart will be missing. I know without looking. I know, because I found a girl like this before.

I found her in this very spot.

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