I love this man with an epic, all-cosuming, forever kind of love.

Most of you know how in love I am with my husband and co-author, Dmytry Karpov (AKA The Sexy Russian Prince.)

And most of you know that he’s an amazing husband, father, writer and cover artist (check out my Seduced books, Kiss Me in Paris, and Sunrise & Nightfall… all him!)

But did you know he also composes music?

When Dmytry and I first met on Twitter, we became writing partners and soon fell in love. But while we were in that in between stage of falling in love but not admitting it, he wrote me a song. You can listen to it below. “Kimberly’s Song.”

For my birthday the next year, he recorded several other songs for me. I’ve included another one of my favorites here as well.

Dmytry used to play piano for my kids over the phone, before he moved to California to be with us full time. Now he teaches our kids to play piano. Our wedding anniversary is on July 2, we just launched our first book together (Kiss Me in Paris, available on Amazon and B&N) and I’m more and more in love with him every day.

Kimberly’s Song By Dmytry Karpov

Dancing Over Ripples By Dmytry Karpov