TLK Postcard 3 BackA lower grade fantasy series of standalone chapter books that follow the adventures of the Three Lost Kids as they travel to magical worlds and learn important life lessons. For young readers 5-10. These books can be read in any order and have discussion questions at the end for children to consider the lessons in each book. The first three books in the series are special edition and include full color illustrations.

  1. Lexie World
  2. Bella World
  3. Maddie World
  4. The Three Lost Kids & The Death of the Sugar Fairy
  5. The Three Lost Kids & The Christmas Curse
  6. The Three Lost Kids & Cupid’s Capture


The Forbidden BookA new trilogy to the Three Lost Kids Series is in the works! The Three Lost Kids Magic Library Series takes the sisters into a whole new adventure.

The Three Lost Kids have started a new school, one with peacocks and a library they could live in. But when they find a forbidden book that releases magic from other worlds into theirs, they will have to use all of their skills to save their school from dark forces.

Book 1 in the Magic Library series, The Forbidden Book!