Another week has come and gone. And what a week it was! Let’s go over all the awesomeness the past week contained (and a few things that it didn’t) in today’s WeeKKend Recap!

Happy New Year!

If we have learned nothing else this year, and in the years leading up to this one, it is to take leaps of faith and live outrageously. Sometimes you’ll fall on your face. Sometimes you’ll fail at something you were so sure would be a huge success. Sometimes you’ll be scared and you’ll risk everything in the belief that you can, somehow, succeed. And sometimes…


Sometimes you will land on your feet. Sometimes you will soar. Sometimes an idea you weren’t sure about will become the most successful thing you’ve ever done.

So take leaps of faith. Don’t be afraid to fail. To make mistakes. To epically land on your face. Because each failure brings you closer to success, but if you don’t take that first step, if you don’t risk everything to live outrageously, you’ll never know what you could have accomplished.

Happy New Year. We welcome 2014 with open arms and outrageous faith in the impossible being entirely possible.

When the Heart Falls had quite a week!

Our critically-acclaimed, award-winning new adult contemporary romance, When the Heart Fallshad quite the week! It was free on Amazon from January 1 through January 5–in fact, if you hurry, you might still be able to get it–and it did AWESOMELY, ranking as high as #26 in all of Amazon Free!



We love this book so much, and we were so happy to see it doing so well! It makes us excited for writing the sequel, When the Heart Loves! If you love contemporary romances by Nicholas Sparks or Bella Andre, you should definitely pick up your copy of When the Heart Falls!


HOTTIEBOWL 2014 is here!

Why settle for a single showdown a week when you can have a WHOLE MONTH of daily showdowns? Who needs the Super Bowl when you can have the HOTTIEBOWL? Starting January 1, we’ve been pitting the hottest Hollywood has to offer in a quest to find the hottest of the them all!

So far, we’ve pitted Hugh Jackman vs. Luke Evans, Ian Somerhalder vs. Johnny Depp, The Rock vs. Chris Hemsworth, and Ryan Reynolds vs. Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Fan votes have moved Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp, Chris Hemsworth, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers on to the next round! Have you cast your ballots yet? Click below to see all match-ups!


32 hotties, 31 showdowns, one month of awesomeness!

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Be our Fan of the Week!

Congratulations to Heather Stanley, this week’s Karpov Kinrade Fan of the Week!

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This week’s favorite KK product

Love this sweatshirt with the Princes of Hell logo!


This–and all sorts of awesome KK Minion, Seduced Saga, and Naughty Live Longer gear–is available at our KK CafePress store. We’ll be switching over to Zazzle in the near future, so stay tuned for that new link.

What you missed on the blog…

Phew, what a week! Here’s to another awesome week coming up–make it a great one!