Another week has come and gone. And what a week it was! Let’s go over all the awesomeness the past week contained (and a few things that it didn’t)–because there are some VERY EXCITING THINGS TO TELL!

Seduced: Rose’s Story had an AMAZING week!

Our bestselling paranormal romance had itself a great, truly bestselling week! Check it out:


That’s right! That’s us sitting at #65 in all of Amazon! We also hit #2 in the entire fantasy genre–right between Neil Gaiman and George R.R. Martin (who could ask  for better company?), hit #3 in the entire paranormal romance genre, and spent 3 days in the top 100 on Amazon and top 50 in Barnes & Noble. 


It was an absolutely amazing, exciting, wonderful few days! We can only hope that we do it again–SOON!

Our SHOWDOWN! kept on being vamptastic

Vampire vs. vampire! This past week’s SHOWDOWN pitted two classic vamp hotties.


We have a new SHOWDOWN! every week on Monday (or Tuesday, if we have a big announcement on Monday), so swing by our Facebook page and cast your vote! We’re continuing our vampire theme this week, too!

Be our Fan of the Week!

Congratulations to Stephanie Beasley, last week’s Karpov Kinrade Fan of the Week!

We’re saying thanks to our fans! With giftcards and eternal fame! Wanna get in on the action and potentially win a $5 Amazon giftcard? All you gotta do is participate and be a fan on our Facebook fan page! Comment on, like, and share ANY of the posts on the page–every comment, like, and share will automatically enter you to win a $5 Amazon giftcard and be our Fan of the Week! It’s our way of saying THANKS for being AWESOME! We announce a new Fan of the Week every Sunday evening.


Come on and join the fun!

This week’s favorite KK product

In honor of the UH-mayzing week the Seduced Saga hadthis week’s fave KK product features a fan-favorite quote from the books!


This–and and all sorts of awesome minion, Seduced Saga, and Naughty Live Longer gear–is available at our KK CafePress store!

Phew! What a week! Here’s to another awesome week coming up–make it a great one!