It’s true. What a serious let-down to realize I can’t do all of it, all the time, giving 110% full time.

Well, I can try, but here’s what happens. First, I get derailed by a week of intense carpal tunnel pain in my right hand, to the point where 2 minutes of typing is unendurable!

So, I fix that. Some meds, some yoga, a new keyboard, some stretching, and double time to catch up on all that slacking while in pain.

Then, I get sick. Really sick. First it’s a cold, then it’s major allergies, now it’s bronchitis or pneumonia. I had a phone consult with a doctor who said I need meds and lots of rest.

Right! I’m on major deadline, doesn’t he understand that? And I’m Super Woman, I can push through. Some Allergy pills, 5-Hour-Energy and tea, and I’ll get it all done.

Um, not so much. See, I can’t breathe. I’m coughing so bad I’m vomiting. Everything hurts and I can’t focus. In six days, I’m supposed to have a full rewrite (i.e.: add 30k) of Forbidden Mind and a polished draft of Forbidden Life to my editors for my June 26th big launch of the final book in the Forbidden Trilogy, my YA paranormal thriller/romance series.

I also need to do edits on Maddie World, for the final installment of the special edition trilogy of the Three Lost Kids, my children’s fantasy chapter book series.

Then I planned to launch The Reluctant Familiar, my new YA/MG fantasy series, and The Three Lost Kids and the Death of the Sugar Fairy on Oct. 2, and The Three Lost Kids and the Christmas Curse on November 26th, along with a YA Anthology I’m spear heading with other awesome YA authors at Evolved Publishing.

Then I had planned to launch a completely new trilogy, all three books in one day, co-written with my soon-to-be-husband. We wanted to do this in January, along with The Three Lost Kids and Cupid’s Capture.

All of these books would have to be written by December.

I also had The Kiss of Life, a serial novel, going on my blog that I planned to publish this year.

Dmytry and our kids watching a movie together!

In addition to this, I’m a mother of three little girls, am getting married on July 2nd to the very amazing Dmytry Karpov, and work as Marketing Director for Evolved Publishing and a Sr. Campaign Manager for Novel Publicity. I also take on freelance clients from time to time.

Super Woman? That’s me.


So I had a break down tonight. Maybe because I can’t breathe, or because my 6 day deadline is scaring the hell out of me, but I finally admitted to my editor that I need to rethink my publishing plan. Um, duh, he’s been telling me this for almost a year. I’ve needed three artists and two editors to keep up with me!

So here’s the deal– and I’m really sorry if this disappoints those of you who are waiting on one book or another–but in order to keep some of my sanity and health, I have to be more realistic.

The new and (I hope) improved Forbidden Mind, will still launch June 26th, along with Maddie World, if my artist has the art ready.

Forbidden Life is now pushed to Aug. 15th. I know a lot of you are dying for the final installment of this series, and I want so badly to get it to you, but I want to give you the best possible version of this book, and I can’t do that by June. I probably couldn’t even give you a crappy version by June, given my health.

At Evolved, we are committed to quality. Our editorial process is rigorous. I’m not going to put out something that doesn’t measure up. My editors and publishers wouldn’t let me. So I hope you can wait until August for the last Forbidden.

I’m pushing the launch of The Reluctant Familiar to November 26th, but keeping all the Lost Kid launch dates the same.

And my trilogy with Dmytry, Blood of the Fallen, will launch in March, 2013 instead of January. We still have to have them all written by December, but it gives us a little more time.

Finally, I’m pulling The Kiss of Life from my site and tabling it indefinitely. I may finish it and publish it one day, but I simply can’t write 7 books at once. Who knew?

I hope you all understand and will still stick around for my launches and new books. I hope you don’t hate me for making you wait a bit longer for Forbidden Life, but I think you will be glad you waited, once I can deliver a higher quality product (and live to tell the tale!)

Also, I think you’ll really LOVE the YA anthology Evolved is putting out on November 26th. Look for three of my stories from the worlds of Forbidden Mind, The Reluctant Familiar and Death by Destiny, and stories by Emlyn Chand, Angela Scott, T.G. Ayer, Dmytry Karpov, Michael Dadich, Ranee Dillon and more!

So, I still have some great fun planned for all you YA and children’s fantasy lovers out there. I just hope to deliver in a way that will allow me to keep breathing.

I hope you don’t mind! :)

Now, I’m off to bed. Doctor’s orders!