13072917_1068717143171883_7639255020365218660_oOur heads have been spinning since the launch of Vampire Girl, book 1 in our new fantasy series. Packed with mystery, intrigue, romance and adventure, we knew this book was special. We knew our readers would love the spunky Arianna Spero, her transgender BFF, and the deliciously dark Princes of Hell.

What we didn’t know is how MANY PEOPLE would fall in love with this book. What we didn’t expect was Vampire Girl hitting the USA TODAY bestseller list its second week out. What we didn’t expect was the dozens of messages and comments EVERY DAY begging for book 2. What we didn’t expect was how many people would tell us they hadn’t read a book in years and chose our book to begin their literary journey, and now they are lifelong KK fans. What we didn’t expect was how many people who LOVED Twilight and Outlander would compare our book to those books and say they loved ours as much or more. What we didn’t expect was how many people who hated Twilight are begging us not to compare our book to that series because ours is so much better.

We even got a review from someone that didn’t like the book, but couldn’t stop reading and will read the next book.

EVEN PEOPLE WHO HATE THIS BOOK LOVE IT. I’m not sure I could imagine a higher compliment.

This has been an incredible month. We’ve never had a book launch to such sales and accolades so immediately. We thought it would take a few book in the series before the world took notice of our little vampire book.

But you, dear readers, blew our minds! You have made this the most exciting launch of our lives, and that’s saying something for writers who have been at this full time (and pretty successfully) for a few years.

SO THANK YOU. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I want you to know we are hard at work on Midnight Star, book 2 in this series, and it will be available within the next week or two. Probably the first week of May. We had hoped to get it out by the end of April (this month) but due to some unexpected family issues that will take up most of next week, it might be slightly delayed. But not by long. We are working very hard to get at least one book in this series out each month, barring major life events that interfere. We want you to get your VG fix as much as you do, promise! 😉

So, while you wait for Midnight Star, here’s a little teaser. Chapter 1 of the book. It has not gone Midnight Star Book Cover 2through final editing and proofing, so please excuse minor typos. We hope you enjoy a peek into Arianna’s life after Vampire Girl. For those who haven’t read book 1, please don’t read this teaser, it will spoil the ending of book 1 for you. Instead, go read book 1, then come back!

Happy reading. Let us know what you think. And if you’re looking for something else to read while you wait, check out Court of Nightfall or Forbidden Mind, two other series we have with kickass female leads and lots of plot twists!

READ Midnight Star Chapter 1 by clicking the link.

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