A new kind of vampire series

Are you ready for something new? Something fun and fantasy-filled and dripping with new kinds of vampire lore? Something to sink your teeth into and get lost in? Vampire Girl is the series for you.

The premise is simple: A girl from Portland has to choose: Let her mother’s soul spend eternity in hell, or sell her own soul and marry a prince of hell, becoming a vampire in the process. Of course she picks the second option, thus setting her on an unexpected course of adventure, terror, magic, wonder, and even love. There are seven princes, each the embodiment of one of the seven deadly sins. Each with their own ambitions, their own plotting, their own dark secrets.

But Arianna Spero isn’t the typical ingenue. She doesn’t go quietly, and she Vampire Girl Book Cover No Number High Contrastdoesn’t submit easily. She’s smart, crafty, clever, and strong. She’s a match for each of the princes, and they will soon learn that they can’t manipulate her future to their own ends.

Get ready for an epic adventure that will take you to other realms, other worlds, where vampires and demons and fae live at war with each other, where nothing is as it seems, and where the future is anything but certain.

Vampire Girl is the first full length novel in an ongoing saga that early readers are already raving about. Check out the trailer for this series and enjoy a sneak peek of chapter 1. Look for Vampire Girl everywhere on April 5, 2016, and on Amazon Kindle NOW! It’s available for preorder on iBooks, B&N and Kobo, with the print edition available for preorder on Amazon. It will be available on Google Play on April 5. You can also add Vampire Girl on Goodreads and check out the reviews that are rolling in!