We’d like to share a few poems for you today, written by our 11-year-old daughter, Maddie Karpov-Kinrade. You might remember her as the author of the short story Twins Forever. Granted, we are her parents and inherently biased toward her brilliance, but we found these poems evocative of our favorite season. Fall.


What Fall Does

Rustling, Bustling, that’s

what we do all day,

It’s such a bore, I

cannot stay awake

But in Fall

It’s different

It’s thrilling. It’s twisting.

It’s flying and dancing.

We are streaming and wafting.

Trying to get free

Waiting, Waiting

Waiting for the first chilly

winter breeze

to blast us off

our billowing prisons

THAT is what Fall does.


While Dancing

To and Fro, to and fro

dancing like a pro

It’s windy in the Fall

It’s Fall! It’s Fall!

Then I drift into a wall

and realize I’d rather stay on the tree

hanging on the looser branch

drinking in the air.


Photograph by Kris Radcliffe

Photograph by Kris Radcliffe


Madelynne Karpov-Kinrade is a story-teller, artist and all around awesome kid who inspired Maddie World and The Three Lost Kids & The Death of the Sugar Fairy in the Three Lost Kids adventures. She lives with her super awesome writer parents who love her more than anything, and her two younger sisters, who also love her.