Dale Noelle has a skill many women envy.

For her entire professional career, she has maintained the same toned body weight and measurements–a feat most women would give up internal organs to accomplish. This made her a perfect fit model.

Have you ever asked yourself how the fashion industry sets the sizes and measurements for clothes purchased online and in stores? They use fit models: women and men whose job it is to model the prototypes before they are produced for the masses.

This job isn’t just about being toned and beautiful, it takes knowledge of the fashion industry, a determined and optimistic personality and the ability to give detailed feedback about clothing cut and comfort, make and function.

Dale was a natural.

She began her career as a fit model at 23-years-old, but was immersed in the fashion industry from an early age. Her father owned factories that manufactured women’s and children’s clothing and, since she had always had the measurements for a perfect fit model, subbed as one for his companies.

The love of fashion blossomed in her and grew into a diverse career where she worked as a designer, technical designer, production manager, business owner and sales person in the fashion industry.

Numerous people in the industry attempted to lure her into fit modeling. Despite all this, it took her quite awhile to contact anyone to inquire about a full-time career.

“One designer I worked with handed me a large package that included the contact information for all the major model agencies, top fit models, clients, rates, measurements, etc. and tried to convince me to pursue a fit modeling career.” Dale said. “I held the package for a year, left the fashion industry for a potential career in the real estate industry and then finally called three top agencies at the time. On my first day of interviews, I landed the fit modeling accounts for all four companies I met… Calvin Klein, The Gap, Pepe Jeans and Et Vous.”

Dale worked with Calvin Klein and The Gap until her fit modeling career ended due to injury in 2010 and now runs TRUE Model Management, where she uses her acquired skills to lead others into the rewarding career of fit modeling.

Today more than ever, skilled fit models are in high demand. While the career opportunity is no longer a closely guarded secret, and everyone from fitness instructors, actors, print models, dancers and people from all walks of life are looking to break in, there is still a need for those who can bring the right magic mix of ingredients to the workforce.

As Dale explained, “there appears to be fewer patternmakers who work directly with fit models. Much manufacturing now takes place oversees, so the industry relies more on skilled technicians and knowledgeable fit models to give detailed feedback to resolve fit issues. There are fewer tailors and patternmakers in the industry, so the art, craft and science of hand drawn patterns is increasingly replaced by computer generated patterns.”

While the fit industry is still relatively low tech, computers are playing a bigger role. While some companies do not require feedback from their fit models, others depend on fit models to help create the final product with their notes and ideas.

Models in this industry are often well compensated with a highly competitive hourly rate for their work. It can be a lucrative field for the right person. But besides a perfect figure, what else does it take to be a fit model?

Dale described the perfect fit model: “Being a renaissance woman, definitely increases your chances. In addition to looking beautiful, a model needs to do her homework and bring knowledge and valuable comments to fittings. Prima donnas need not apply.”

She went on to say that natural optimists, multi-taskers with lots of endurance and resilient egos are best suited for fit modeling, provided she’s blessed with the proportional, standard figure and can maintain that body, always.

“A smile is a must with designer wardrobes. Clients enjoy interesting, honest, organized people and there should be a solid person with a good heart underneath the fashionable garb. Excellent communication skills, the ability to read and uplift people’s spirits, flexibility and patience are key!” Dale said.

That should be easy, right?

For those who fit the bill, Dale finds them work. For those looking for the perfect fit model, Dale matches them with the right person to meet their needs.

To learn more about her company and fit modeling, visit: www.TRUEmodel.net