My idea of romance. Also, a teaser of another romance series I'll be launching, KISS ME IN PARIS. :)

Back in 2000 (can you believe that was 13 freaking YEARS ago??), Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt co-starred in a romantic comedy where he gained the ability to read women’s thoughts in “What Women Want”.

Comedy ensued as this soon-to-be-reformed chauvinist tried to woo his way into her pants, and her job, only to fall in love with her.

Men think romancing women is complicated, but it’s really not. I’m about to launch Seduced by Innocence, the first in a new romance series. While all of my YA or adult books have romance in them, this is my first series that is romance first, everything else second. It’s an interesting switch and is forcing me to delve more deeply into the mutual physical and emotional attraction between my characters.

At the launch party I’m having on Facebook (come join us!), my publicist and host, Vickie Dold from Daring Books Design & Marketing and IO Book Tours, asked my fans what sure fire thing a man could do to sweep them off their feet and seduce the skivvies right off of them!

Here’s what those ladies had to say:

* Be kind to animals!

* All he’d have to do is take off his shirt to reveal his abs.

* Well, this really isn’t anything sexual. If he would have the house clean and the kids feed and have a hot bath waiting for me when I got home, and then gave me a massage, then I’m all his.

* Take me away on a spur of the moment dinner in another state.

* Do sweet things without expecting something in return.

* Fix me a hot bubble bath with candles by the tub and the book I am reading waiting on me (cause that would actually mean he listened to know what book to put up there.)

* Surprise me with a trip…for two!!!!

* Bring me surprise Starbucks!

* Intelligence. Don’t like stupid men

* Bring me coffee or cook something delish!

* Love reading. Bonus points for quoting Vonnegut to me.

* Make me laugh. Not an lol laugh, but hurts your tummy to continue laughing kind of laugh.

* Appreciate me and kiss the spot on my neck.

* Look at me like I am the only person he can see, and make me smile, and have that “you’re the only one” stare.

* Wash the dishes!!!

* Even though he doesn’t get my “book obsession”, my husband supports it. A couple of years ago, he bought me a Kindle so I wouldn’t have to give up books when we move (we’re military so we always have to lighten the load). Great, book problem solved. Not…I’m still piling up books. About 2 weeks ago, he came home with a new bookshelf for me. Serioulsy, I could have swooned!

* Coming home to the kids taken care of and the house clean.

What do you think? Do these things do it for you, ladies?

Men, what do you think your woman wants? Do you give it to her?

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Read the first chapter of SEDUCED BY INNOCENCE, see the animated cover, and enter to win swag in the pre-release giveaway here.


Rose Wintersong didn’t have an ordinary upbringing. Raised in what most would call a hippy commune, but what is actually a powerful coven of witches, she never questions the life fate chose for her.

Until she meets Derek O’Conner.

Derek challenges everything Rose believes and forces her to see the secrets hidden beneath the whitewashed walls of her idyllic country life.

Rose knows she should walk away, that the sexy martial arts instructor is bad news bred to create discord in her tight community… but the animal magnetism between them is impossible to fight.

Caught between the passion of first love, and the steady beat of the life she’s always known, Rose must choose between the innocence of her youth or the pleasures of womanhood—but lost innocence comes at a price, and Rose harbors a dark secret that could destroy everyone she loves—including Derek.

Submit to the Seduced Saga as Derek and Rose face their future while unraveling the mysteries of their past.

Look for these books in 2013.

January 21st -Seduced by Innocence
February 14th -Seduced by Power
TBA-Seduced by Pleasure
TBA-Seduced by Pain
TBA-Seduced by Love

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