Based on the emails, comments here and comments on Facebook and twitter, it seems you all want to know when Tell Me True, the last book in the Call Me Cat trilogy, is coming out. Am I right?


UPDATE as of MAY 27, 2014:

We have an official launch date for Tell Me True. It will be available on Kindle this Sunday, June 1, 2014. Thank you for your patience. We adore you all!

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I wish I could give you an exact date. The problem with exact dates is they often change based on life stuff that inevitably creeps in. We try to get you the books the minute they are ready (edited, formatted, etc) so we don’t have a lot of lead time in setting launch dates. We cut it to the wire every single time because we know you’re anxious for the next book and we want to make all our readers happy! So… we will announce the launch date of Tell Me True here, in our newsletter, on Facebook, in our KK Minion Army and on Twitter once it’s in the final stages of editing. Then we’ll know for sure that it’ll be ready.

Once it’s live, we’ll announce the link to all those places again. So if you’re not following us or subscribed to our newsletter (the sure fire way to get info the moment it’s available), then I’d suggest doing so. You’ll never miss a new launch or big announcement that way! (And we don’t spam or share your info with others. Pinky swear!)

As to when it will be in the final stages of editing… I don’t have a date on that. If I did, I’d have a launch date. :)  All I can say is we’re working REALLY HARD on this book to get it out as fast as possible. Why is it taking so long? Well, let’s put this in perspective. Book 1, Call Me Cat, came out February 17, 2014. Book 2, Leave Me Love, came out March 24, 2014. That’s two books in just over a month. That’s fast, folks, just as an FYI. While we’d HOPED to have Tell Me True out in April, three books in three months turned out to be more than we could do with a week-long spring break, three kids, and new fitness focused challenges that we’ve engaged in. (Because sitting on our asses writing all day is great for the mind, but not so great for the body!)

Also, this last book is probably about twice as long as the other two, AND it’s wickedly twisty and fun. Which means it’s taking longer to write. It’s harder to write. And it’s EPICALLY AWESOME!

It’ll be worth the wait, however long that is. I promise. If you’ve read this far and are anxious for the last book, you won’t (we really, really hope) be disappointed.

And btw, we LOVE YOU ALL! You helped ROCK Call Me Cat and Leave Me Love into amazing #1 bestseller lists in romantic mystery and other categories and Leave Me Love spent a week in the top 100s of ALL OF AMAZON! So, THANK YOU! We couldn’t be more excited that you love this series this much. It warms the cockles of our hearts and thrills us to no end. Cat and Ash say thank you as well. xoxo

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In the meantime, here is a horribly evil teaser of the first chapter of Tell Me True.

>>>WARNING: Spoilers! Do not read if you have not read Call Me Cat and Leave Me Love! SPOILERS AHEAD! <<<

Chapter 1: Tell Me True

Call Me Cat_You can call me cat memeAugust

People say you fall in love, like you might fall into a puddle or a ditch. I think love is a choice, mostly. There are some hormones and pheromones involved in attraction, but love, the act of loving another person, that’s a choice you have to make every day. The best kind of love is slow burning and long lasting. Which scared me, because the love I felt for Ash was blazing hot and burned so bright I worried it would burn me up in it.

My hand shook as I fiddled with the rhinestones that formed an intricate design on my one-shoulder garza wedding gown.

Bridgette slapped my hand away as she artfully arranged the curls of my dark hair around the glittering head circlet that rested in the center of my forehead with a teardrop diamond. “You look amazing. Like you just stepped out of a bridal magazine.”

I didn’t reply. My throat had gone dry and I sipped on a bottle of water through a straw so I wouldn’t mess up my lipstick or make up. It felt too caked on and the dress, while stunning, made me nervous. A custom made Vera Wang. One-of-a-kind. It had been made just for me by the most famous wedding dress designer in the world. That made my head spin and I was terrified I would spill something on it and destroy it forever.

I’d endured every fitting like a statue, scared to move for fear I’d rip the delicate silk, and now the day was here and I should be excited. I was excited. And nervous. Scared. And excited. Did I mention excited?

Twisting my engagement ring, which had been moved to my right hand for the exchange of wedding rings, I paced the dressing room of the posh Boston hotel. I didn’t dare put on my heels, also custom made to match the dress, until it was time. Nightmares of breaking my leg walking down the aisle have haunted me for weeks.

My phone beeped and I nearly tripped over my train reaching for it before Bridgette could grab it.

 You looked beautiful last night at the rehearsal dinner.

My heart skipped a beat as I erased the text. Jon shouldn’t be texting me like this. I’d have to talk to him. Again.

“Who was that? Prince Charming?” Bridgette turned her back to me so I could zip her into the pale blue bridesmaid dress she’d picked out to match her eyes.

“Um, no, it was just a text about the cake.”

“Oh, okay. Any problems?”

“Nope. But could you go and check on everything? See if people are here yet?”

She paused, scrutinizing me. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. I just don’t like to be the center of attention. You know that. And we invited so many people.”

It’s the wedding of the century. Most Eligible Bachelor marries the girl who not only survived, but ended the Midnight Murderer. You’re lucky the Davenports managed to keep the numbers as low as they did.” Bridgette smiled as if we were talking about which flavor cake to order for the wedding.

She’d helped end the Midnight Murderer too, and it had left its mark on us both. I could see it in her overly cheerful demeanor whenever anything got too serious. At least it was over. She’d gotten some help after shooting— and killing— the woman who nearly destroyed my life and nothing bad had happened in six months. We could finally move on with our lives.

Bridgette ducked out of the overly feminine room, leaving me alone and at a loss. I didn’t want to sit and wrinkle my dress, so I paced the peach floor again, scrolling through texts and deleting everything from Jon.

A knock on the door startled me and I dropped my phone. Ash came in, closing the door behind him, and picked up my phone, without taking his eyes off me.

I blushed under the attention. “Isn’t it bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?”

He stood, his broad shoulders filling out the black tux perfectly. His dark hair, always a bit disheveled, refused to stay in place, but that only made him more handsome in my book. I placed a hand on his chest, my french manicure making a nice contrast against his lapel.

He traced a line down my cheek with his finger, careful not to mess my makeup. “I had to see you first, before the rest of the world got to.” His breath hitched. “You look… angelic. I can’t believe I finally get to be your husband.”

A lump formed in my throat. I loved this man beyond words. It had only been six months since he asked me to marry him, but in that time we’d fallen more deeply in love than I could have imagined. I’d give anything to spare him more pain and heartache in his life and I prayed that loving me wouldn’t add to his burden.

“It’s not too late to run away and have a private wedding somewhere remote,” I said with a small smile.

He laughed. “I think my family and all of our friends would have something to say about that.”

“So everyone’s here?”

“Yes. Well, except Jon. I’ve been trying to reach him. You’d think the best man would be on time to his brother’s wedding.”

I ran the pad of my finger over the worry line in his forehead. “He’ll be here. Making him the best man was the right thing to do.”

Ash leaned in to kiss me but I pushed him away. “Do you have any idea how long it took to put this face on? Bridgette will kill me if I let you ruin it.” I wanted to kiss him though. Wanted to wipe off the face and pull off the dress and lay in his arms with the sounds of a tropical rainforest as our backdrop.

Later. That would have to wait for later. First, we had a wedding to get through.

And when I caught a glimpse of us standing together, his hand around my waste, I smiled. We did look like a fairytale couple ready to live happily ever after.

Bridgette rushed back in breathless. “It’s time!”

She frowned at Ash. “You’re not supposed to be here.”

“It’s my right to see my bride first.”

The three of us walked out of the hotel and toward the gardens where the ceremony would take place. Ash and I waited out of sight of the guests as Bridgette got everything and everyone in place.

Jon ran toward us from the parking lot, out of breath but smiling, his golden-boy-blond looks a stark contrast to his brother’s darker look. Two men, both so handsome and both so very different from each other in nearly every way. “I told you I’d be here on time,” he said to a frowning Ash.

“You’re not on time. You’re late. Do you have the rings?”

Jon patted his jacket. “Shit! I left them in the car. I’ll be right back.”

The wedding music began and I knew we were supposed to start walking soon, but Jon needed to be at the front before then.

Ash and I had agreed to toss aside convention and walk down the aisle together, since, one: I didn’t believe in being ‘given away’ by one man to another and found the whole notion entirely outdated, and two: I didn’t have a father to give me away. Mr. Davenport and Professor Cavin had both offered, but this felt right to Ash and me. We were entering marriage together, as equals, it made sense that we would approach the altar that way.

I peeked around the bushes we were hiding behind to admire the rows of white chairs and the towering floral arrangements of wild orchids that lined the carpeted path toward the priest who waited patiently on the small stage. It was lit with candles and made colorful by thousands of flowers. The music came from someone playing a grand piano that had been brought out just for us.

In a few minutes I would officially be Catelyn Travis-Davenport, and married to the most amazing man I’d ever known.

The explosion blasted behind us, throwing bits of metal and heat toward us.

I dropped my bouquet and spun around as a second explosion obliterated what little was left of Jon’s car.

With Jon in it.