Here's the secret we've been hiding all along. The REAL culprit.

Here’s the secret we’ve been hiding all along. The REAL culprit.

Every now and again we get asked questions on our FB page by our fans (or via email, etc.) and sometimes it makes more sense to answer them in a blog post. So, today we’ll be answering a question about Tell Me True (the third book in the Call Me Cat trilogy which will be coming out in the not-too-distant future) by Cindy, one of our super KK Minion Fans!

[box style=”quote”]So since I have no idea how a writers mind works, I have a question. Don’t laugh at me. I’m assuming since your book is almost finished (hoping it is) That you already know ‘whodunit’. But, when did you know? Do you know when you first get the idea for a book, or somewhere mid-writing, or how does that work?[/box]

First, for those who aren’t familiar with this series, Call Me Cat, Leave Me Love and Tell Me True are the three books in a tight cliffhanger trilogy of mystery and romance. This trilogy centers around Catelyn Travis, a law school student struggling to make ends meet and forced into a job she despises in order to survive who is being stalked by the man who killed her parents years ago-The Midnight Murderer. When she meets the sexy bad boy billionaire Ashton Davenport, her life goes from complicated to crazy overnight!

And each book brings you closer (and farther) from the truth. Our KK Minion Army peeps would have you believe we are EVIL for stringing you along and torturing you in such a way. They’d be right. But they love the torture.

So, in answer to Cindy’s question, YES we do know whodunit. As for when we knew… that’s a little more complicated.

When we wrote the first chapter, just to get the feel of Catelyn and her world, we didn’t know whodunit. We didn’t know much, it was more an exploration of character. Then we brainstormed and talked and created more of their world based on the premise of “broke girl in law school with dark past takes up phone sex for work and meets sexy billionaire”. It developed from there. We knew early on the ultimate whodunit, but as the story has developed, so has the ending.

In other words, we didn’t have the second and third book totally mapped out when we wrote the first book, but we knew the direction the story was going in. And as the characters grew and developed, they showed us some extra twists that we hadn’t thought of and didn’t know when we started writing this trilogy. So it’s been a fun journey with the characters themselves revealing a more intricate plot and story than we’d first conceived.

Now keep in mind, this is just us. Other writers write differently. Some have a whole series mapped out to the nth degree before they start writing, others write completely by the seat of their pants from the very beginning. We do a combination of the two, though with a book we like to know before we’ve written too much where it’s going and how we’re going to get there.

I know you’re now thinking that this whole time we’ve known the truth and we’ve tortured you by withholding it. And you’d be right. But I promise, us telling you the ending would be SO DISAPPOINTING compared to what you’ll experience when you read it.

Thanks for the question, Cindy, and if anyone else has any questions about us or our writing, just let us know. You might find your answers here someday!